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Getting Started with CloudTalk
Getting Started with CloudTalk

Network, number ports, and setting up your account

Onboarding for New UsersA collection of useful videos and links for new CloudTalk users
Porting & Number Requests

Phone number coverage and configuration

Types Of Phone NumbersA quick guide to different phone number types that you can add to your CloudTalk account
Porting Requests and ProcessHow to submit a porting request and what to expect afterwards
Registering Standard USA Numbers for Messaging (A2P 10DLC)Prepare your numbers for consumer protection measures imposed by USA operators
Porting Pricing and CoveragePricing and Coverage tables for ported numbers
Virtual Caller IDA verified virtual call ID can help you avoid rejected sales calls based on unfamiliar prefixes.
Recommendations for a Smooth PortTips for preparing to port your numbers to Cloudtalk and avoiding common rejections
Phone Number Requirements and Functionality
How to Verify USA and Canada Toll-free Numbers for A2P MessagingToll-free numbers will need to be registered to send automated messages
How To Add A New Number In CloudTalkA guide to requesting new international numbers from the Numbers team
Using SIP devices with CloudTalkHow to set up an SIP device in your dashboard
Display a Business Name As Caller IDA guide to using CNAM to show your business name or custom text to callers
Unsupported SMS/MMS use cases in USA and Canada
How to Avoid and Address Spam Tags?
How to Externally Register Your Number for Sending SMS Traffic to Singapore
USA A2P SMS FAQsbasic questions about the A2P registration process
Porting Your Numbers Away From CloudTalk
Using CloudTalk numbers externally in WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business mobile apps
Making calls to China