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How to import contacts to CloudTalk from a file
How to import contacts to CloudTalk from a file

An easy guide for importing contacts to CloudTalk from an Excel/CSV file

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In this article, we will guide you through uploading a file of contacts to CloudTalk.

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Data Preparation

A maximum of 8GB is supported. Larger files will not upload.

When importing contacts from a file, we currently require a .csv format. There are various types of software that will allow you to save your data as a CSV. For the most common case of using Excel, you can go to File > Save as. Under the File Name field, select CSV format.

It's very important to set up your CSV file according to our CSV file template. In order to access this template, you need be logged into CloudTalk.

It is highly recommended for you to download and follow the template above. Most importantly, make sure:

  • Column names are written in all lowercase (custom attributes may be different)

  • Values for name and phone are filled in for every contact

Not following these requirements can lead to an unsuccessful import.

Example Columns in Your Spreadsheet

Note: name and phone (number) are required columns which must have values for every entered contact.

  • name — the first and last name of the person

  • phone — the phone number(s) in E. 164 format

    • additional numbers separated by a colon :

    • ex. +421905192483 : +421915111111

  • email — main email address

  • email2 — additional email address

  • title — e.g. CEO, Sales Director 

  • company — name of the company

  • address

  • custom attribute(s) — these are any other additional fields you would like to create (see below)

Custom Attributes

In order to make sure the additional contact fields from your CSV file display properly on contacts, you will need to add these as custom attributes in your dashboard settings.

  1. From the dashboard, navigate to Account > Settings.

  2. In the General Settings tab, scroll to the Contacts section.

  3. Here is where you can add your custom field names by selecting +Add Custom Attribute. Make sure the names you enter here match the names on your CSV, in both spelling and case.

Importing Contacts From a File

When the CSV file is completed and saved in the correct format, it's ready to be imported.

  1. In the left menu of the dashboard, go to Account > Integrations.

  2. Select CSV Import.

  3. Upload the CSV file.

  4. Enter the default country code (this ensures that any numbers which are missing a country code will be formatted correctly).

  5. Tag your contacts — create a tag as a form of identification for the contacts you are importing.

    1. Do not use spaces between words. Good examples of tags are: coldleads, warmleads, csv_import.

    2. These tags are important for power dialer campaigns and can be used for contact filtering.

  6. Select Save and Start to start the import.

And that's it! Your contacts should be imported after a few minutes. You can verify this by checking Contacts in the left menu.

Have more questions? Contact our Support team. We're always here to help!

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