If you have the database of your contacts in the file you can easily upload them to CloudTalk and start calling them.

Data Preparation

At the moment we only allow you to import contacts from a file in .csv format. There are various options how you can get such format (so feel free to be creative) but probably the most common way is that you have some Excel spreadsheet.

Please, have a look at a CSV file template (you have to be logged into CloudTalk in order to access the template) as well. This will help you get an idea of how exactly should the spreadsheet look like. 

In case of using Excel, what you want to do is to go into File > Save as. Then under the field where you enter the name of the file, select the format to be CSV.

A good example of columns in your spreadsheet are:

  • name — containing first and last name of the person (important)
  • phone — containing the phone number(s) (important)
  • email — main email
  • email2 — additional email
  • title — e.g. CEO, Sales Director... 
  • company — name of the company
  • address
  • and other additional custom fields you would like to create.

Note: try to follow the name of the columns exactly as shown above to make sure that CloudTalk recognize them.

Importing Contacts from a file

  1. You want to navigate in the left menu to Settings > Integrations.
  2. Select CSV Import.
  3. Upload the CSV file.
  4. Type in the default country code (this helps to ensure that all the numbers will be formatted correctly).
  5. Tag your contacts — put some identification on the contacts you are about to import. This will come handy once using Power Dialer or just filtering through the contacts. (Please remember that there should be no spaces between words. Good example of tags are: coldleads, warmleads, csvimport...)
  6. Hit Save and start

Your contacts should be imported now and you should be able to check that in the left menu, if you navigate to Contacts.

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