In this article, we will guide you on how to upload the file of contacts from your database to the CloudTalk, so you can start calling.

Data Preparation

A maximum of 8GB is supported. Larger files will not upload.

At the moment, we only allow you to import contacts from a file in .csv format. There are various options how you can get such format. In case of using Excel, go into File > Save as. Then, under the field where you enter the name of the file, select the CSV format.

This part is very important, since you have to set the CSV file according to our CSV file template. In order to access the template, you need be logged into CloudTalk.

Note: It is highly recommended for you to download and follow the guide above, mainly the naming of columns, containing first letter in lower case. Although there is more columns in the template, and they do not all need to be filled for each contact, this one must be always present.

Name and phone are the only values that actually need to be filled in for every contact in the CSV file in order to be imported.

Goods examples of columns in your spreadsheet are:

  • name* — containing first and last name of the person

  • phone* — containing the phone number(s) (ex. +421905192483 : +421915111111 )

  • email — main email address

  • email2 — additional email address

  • title — e.g. CEO, Sales Director... 

  • company — name of the company

  • address

  • any other additional custom fields you would like to create

* - important field.

Importing Contacts from a file

When the CSV file is done, it's ready to be imported.

  1. In the left menu, go to Settings > Integrations.

  2. Select CSV Import.

  3. Upload the CSV file.

  4. Type in the default country code (this helps to ensure that all the numbers which are missing the country code will be formatted correctly).

  5. Tag your contacts — put any kind of identification on the contacts you are about to import. This will come handy once you will use a Power Dialer or just filter through the contacts. (Please remember that there should be no spaces between words. Good example of tags are: coldleads, warmleads, csvimport...)

  6. Click on Save and start button.

And that's it! Your contacts should be imported now. You should be able to check that in the left menu, if you navigate to Contacts.

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