Managing Contacts

A guide to locating and managing your CloudTalk contacts

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Learn how to manage, store, and access contact data from the dashboard.

Locating Contacts in CloudTalk

In CloudTalk, contacts can be found in multiple places. A general overview of a CloudTalk contact's profile can be found in the CloudTalk Dashboard under the Contacts tab on the left.

Importing Contacts into CloudTalk

CloudTalk offers multiple ways to add or import new contacts:

  • Importing contacts through native integrations

  • Importing contacts through CSV import

  • Creating contacts manually

  • Importing contacts through the CloudTalk API

Filtering and Deleting Contacts

You can filter your contacts by call or contact tags, country of residence, industry, or keyword.

Admin and supervisors can delete contacts using the red bin icon.

A bulk delete option is also provided. Please note that this will delete any contacts that your initial search returned. It is recommended that you use this functionality with great care.

Contact Profiles

Contact profiles contain vital information representing customer details, calls and messages. Keeping this information up to date is imperative for maintaining productivity and maintaining good business practices.

Once you open up a contact by selecting the magnifying glass icon next to the contact's name, you'll be presented with their contact profile.

Each contact profile contains:

  • Contact attributes

  • Contact identifiers

  • External links

  • Contact tags

  • Contact action history

Contact Identifiers

Identifiers are database attributes that can be important when importing or exporting data from an integration, or for configuring a workflow automation. CloudTalk recognizes 3 contact identifiers:

  • Phone numbers—There can be multiple phone numbers associated with the same contact.

  • Emails—There can be multiple emails associated with the same contact.

  • External IDs—These are assigned to the contact during the importing of contact details from external CRMs or other tools. These ID's are not visible in the contact profile, but are stored in the background of the application and are used to facilitate the direct exchange of information between CloudTalk and other platforms integrated via native integrations.

When it comes to phone numbers, we always recommend using the E.164 international format.

Contact Links

Contact links are typically created automatically when a contact is imported or associated with an external profile via native integrations. It is also possible to assign external URL details to a contact via API. Clicking on a URL associated with a contact in CloudTalk will instantly redirect you to the relevant site or profile.

Contact Attributes

Contact attributes help further define your clients and individualize the service they receive. In CloudTalk, two types of attributes are recognized: default attributes and custom attributes.

Default attributes

These are attributes automatically created for each project within CloudTalk. These include:

  • Name

  • Website

  • Title

  • Industry

  • Address.

A special type of default attribute is Favorite agent. This attribute indicates an already established relationship between this contact and a particular agent. This can be based on previous interactions or assignment within external tools.

To set a favorite agent manually, enter the Edit Contact Info section of the contact's profile, then scroll down to assign an agent.

Custom Attributes

Custom attributes can be created by admin according to the needs of the clients. In a customer's profile, these attributes will be found at the bottom the attributes list.

In the picture below, our custom attributes are represented by the person icon surrounded by a square, with one attribute set to true and one to a specific number we have assigned to this client as an example.

  • Admin can create custom attributes within Account > Settings > General Settings > Custom attributes.

Contact Tags

Contact tags are typically used to indicate that a contact belongs to a certain group of users. Some contact tags are automatically generated once a CloudTalk contact is connected with an external profile through native integration. Other contact tags are manually created, or are added when a contact is uploaded to CloudTalk. In this case, tags are often used to indicate that the contact belongs to the contact list of a particular campaign.

Contact Activity History

The contact activity history contains a list of chronologically aligned customer-related events. Aside from different types of calls, it is also possible to create or link events such as orders, tasks, tickets, or other external references. For further information on using contact activity history to create new events, please refer to our API documentation.

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