Compile all your contacts in a single contact list. Integrations will help you to import contacts from several sources into CloudTalk. This will make your workflows even more efficient.

Uploading your contacts into CloudTalk is easy. There are several ways to do it. In CloudTalk’s interface, go to Settings - Integrations in the left side menu. Choose the integration that suits your needs.

There are several ways of importing contacts into CloudTalk:

  • Through integrations: Your business and contacts of your loyal clients and prospects will be automatically synchronized at pre-defined intervals. The updated list of integrations can be found here, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you didn’t find your favorite solution on the list. We might be already working on it. For more information on integrations, please visit our website.

  • CSV import: Upload a CSV file with a single click (for example from Excel) and import your contact database into CloudTalk. You can find a sample file directly in CloudTalk’s interface. More on CSV import here.

  • Manually: CloudTalk’s intuitive interface allows you to add new clients with relevant data in the Contacts tab. You can also assign a preferred agent to whom the customer’s calls will be routed. The real-time customer card feature allows you to create a new contact even if you are still talking with the client.

  • API: Integrate CloudTalk with external systems that you use regularly via our API. Integrations can be used to import or export contacts and for regular downloads of call history, orders, tickets, etc. Once your systems are interconnected with CloudTalk via API, all available information and data will be synchronized regularly.

With each import, CloudTalk will create new contacts and update existing ones with new data.

For example, if you changed your existing client’s email address in Helpdesk, synchronization allows the change to be automatically displayed in your CloudTalk contact list.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support Team. We are always here to help you!

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