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Power Dialer

Here is an overview of our power dialer feature and how it works

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Campaigns are a useful marketing tool for reaching a large audience while maximizing the efficiency of available agents. In this article, we'll cover the basics of our power dialer feature for calling campaigns.

Tip - Import contacts in batches with a selection tag


Power dialer finds campaign contacts by searching your the contacts in your CloudTalk account for those with a campaign selection tag. At least one contact within your CloudTalk list must have a particular tag before admin can choose it from the list of existing tags when configuring campaign settings.


You can import contacts via integrations or from a file to assign the same tag to the whole batch at once. Alternatively, you can create an automation to tag certain contacts that you want to use in a later campaign.

Setting Up Campaigns

If you prefer video setups, here's an instruction video on how to set up and use Power Dialer (video guide):

Set Up a Campaign

Admin can create a new campaign in the Dialer tab of the dashboard.

While agents can start, stop, and participate in active campaigns, they cannot add new ones or make changes to those existing.

  1. Go to Dialer > Campaigns and select +Add Campaign in the top right.

  2. Configure the settings for your campaign. The tag chosen in the Select contacts by tag field sources the contacts for this campaign.

    1. Contacts which were imported from an integration have the integration name already assigned as a tag (e.g. "hubspot").

    2. Contacts from a file import will have the tag you chose while importing.

  3. In the last two fields, you must Assign groups or Assign agents. The campaign will not be visible if it is not assigned to anyone!

Start Calling

Once a campaign has been configured and is set to Active, it will be visible to assigned groups or agents.

Agents can access their assigned campaign through the dashboard, or the desktop app. On the dashboard, navigate to Dialer > Power dialer and click Start Dialing. The CloudTalk phone will come up and start ringing - click the green phone icon to start dialing numbers in the queue.

From the landing screen of the desktop app, select Power Dialer to view the active campaign in progress.

We recommend having only one active campaign at a time for the sake of clarity for agents using the desktop app.

Campaign Tools

Call Scripts

In the Dialer > Call scripts tab of the dashboard, admin can add your own call scripts to be assigned to campaigns. While calls are being conducted, assigned scripts will appear on either on the dashboard or in a tab of the agent's calling screen.


Surveys are a good tool for your agents to keep track of customer information during the call. Admin can create surveys by navigating to Dialer > Surveys in the dashboard. 


Statistics are calculated to help admin measure the success of each active campaign. View campaign statistics on the dashboard by going to Dialer > Campaigns. Next to the name of the desired campaign, click the bar graph icon to see the campaign statistics.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support Team. We are always here to help you!

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