How to use Dialer Surveys

Use surveys to make efficient campaigns and gather data from prospects

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Here's an overview of dialer surveys.

Dialer Surveys

Survey templates standardize the calling process of a campaign. Answers collected from surveys can be stored for later use, helping to build a profile on prospective clients.

Using Survey Templates

Dashboard users can add survey templates for their agents by navigating to Dialer > Surveys. Select +Add Survey to create a new template, or edit an existing template by clicking the blue pencil icon next to a survey name in the list.

Survey Answer Types

For each question added to the template, the user will select an answer type. This answer type dictates the choices available for the prospect to respond with.

Short text (max 255 characters)

A short free response

Long text (max 65535 characters)

A longer free response


Check for yes, leave unchecked for no

Radio options

Multiple options, one answer
​Better for limited options as this can take up screen space


Multiple options, one answer
​Recommended for a long list of options (e.g. countries, colors)

Where can I view survey answers after a campaign?

  • Admin users can see campaign survey answers within Dashboard > Dialer > Campaigns. Select the magnifying glass icon next to the campaign name and click into the Survey Answers tab.

Admin can export answers to an Excel file using the Export to Excel button.

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