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How to use Campaigns on CloudTalk Phone
How to use Campaigns on CloudTalk Phone

Calling campaigns for the CloudTalk Phone Desktop app makes it so agents no longer need to navigate the Dashboard

Written by Shelby Glynn
Updated over a week ago

This article explains how to run a campaign using the new features included with the CloudTalk Phone desktop app. Admins who need help setting up a campaign can refer to one of our campaign setup guides.

How will Power Dialer change for agents?

Rather than needing to log into the Dashboard and access active campaigns through the Power Dialer tab, agents will now be able to reach active campaigns more efficiently. The CloudTalk Phone app for desktop creates an easy, streamlined access point which offers the full functionality agents need:

  • viewable contact info

  • calling scripts and surveys

  • call dispositions

  • the ability to stop and start calls

This leaves the Dashboard as a space where supervisors and admin can focus on reviewing and analyzing campaign data.

Running a Campaign on CloudTalk Phone for desktop

Once your CloudTalk Phone app has been successfully installed on your desktop, you can start using it. Log in with the proper credentials to see the default screen, which should look like a phone dialer, with your preferred country code autofilled for convenience. This can be erased with the backspace icon.

From this dialer screen you can also see the chosen outbound number which will show to clients or tap to change it, as well as the Local time. Click the picture icon in the bottom right corner to change your agent status, amend your settings, or log out.

Start Campaign Calling

  • Reach your active campaign by clicking the Power Dialer button on the keypad screen.

  • Here you will see any Active Campaigns listed. Scroll over the campaign you want to start and click the phone icon which appears.

CloudTalk Phone Calling Features

  1. By default, the calling agent will first see a transition screen which displays the contact being reached. When the call starts ringing, the agent will see the contact name, the contact's Local time, and other stored contact information.

  2. At the top of the screen will be a list of tabs which the agent can switch through while the call is in progress. Additional call options appear at the bottom of the screen.


  3. By clicking the grey arrow which may appear next to contact details as shown above, agents can expand the contact's Activity Feed.

  4. Notes can be taken during the call by tapping the Note pencil icon.

    At the conclusion of a call, added notes will be displayed on the After Call Work screen. Here they can also be altered by clicking Edit.

  5. Scripts can be found under the Scripts tab at the top of the calling screen.

6. Under the Form tab, agents can reach the calling survey assigned to the given campaign. Answer choices are coordinated by supervisors and admin within the Dashboard.

7. To conclude a call, agents will need to choose a Call Action. The form can be found under the Actions tab.

8. If chosen to Reschedule, a screen pops up from which the call reschedule time can be selected.

9. The After call work screen will appear at the end of a call, showing a Call summary. Agents can choose a customer mood and select tags, as well view and edit notes and the Call Action.

10. Unless the campaign was set up to automatically dial the next contact, the agent will be given the option to Start next call or to Stop calling.

For Admins and Supervisors

What campaign data will be viewable from the Dashboard?

After setting up a Power Dialer campaign, the campaign summary will be automatically updated with information gained from the CloudTalk Phone desktop app of assigned agents.

Collected survey answers can be viewed in detail, sorted by filters, or exported via the Export To Excel button.

Call stats for the given campaign will also be updated as normal, with more detailed Call history logs available for download.

Have more questions? Contact our Support team. We're always here to help you!

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