In order to make the Power Dialer feature work you have to have some amount of contacts in CloudTalk already. You can get contacts to CloudTalk either via Integrations or import them from a file or Google Contacts. Read more on importing contacts.

How to set up & use Power Dialer (video guide)

Setting up a campaign

First step in order to setup the Power Dialer is to create a campaign. You can do so by going into Dialer > Campaigns from your Dashboard and to click on the "Add Campaign" in the top right corner.

Fill out all the details and do not forget to select contacts by tag. If the contacts came from integration they have a tag with a name of the integration already assigned. If the contacts came from file import, they should also have a tag you chose while importing assigned.

Last thing that is important is to assign a group or specific agents to this newly campaign, otherwise your agents won't be able to start the power dialer. You can assign a group or specific agents in the bottom of the campaign settings.

Start Power Dialer

After you have your campaign up and running you can start the power dialer from the page in the left menu located under Dialer > Power Dialer by simply hitting Start Dialing button.


You might get slightly confused once you hit "Start Dialing" and your CloudTalk Phone app starts ringing. What you want to do is "pick up the phone" or in other words click on the green phone button in the Phone App and just after that CloudTalk will start dialing the numbers in the queue.

Call Scripts

In the main left menu under Dialer > Call scripts you can add your own call scripts and assign them to campaigns. This script will appear to your agents, on the screen in the browser while calling.


Surveys are a good tool for your agents to make notes on the call. You can create your survey by navigating to the Dialer > Surveys in the left menu. 

Feel free to add more questions and set up the format of the answers:

  • Short text (short few words answers)

  • Long text (multiple sentences/paragraphs)

  • Checkbox (yes/no questions)

  • Radio options (the options are limited to whatever you will set it)

  • Select

An example of a survey is in the screenshot below.

Surveys will appear to your agents and they will be able to fill out the answers while on the call.

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