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How to Use CloudTalk with Intercom
How to Use CloudTalk with Intercom

CloudTalk with Intercom will help you to make efficient and personalized phone calls with customers

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This article describes how to use some of the common functionalities of CloudTalk's Intercom integrations. To learn about how to integrate CloudTalk with Intercom, check out this article about initiating your Intercom integration.

CloudTalk with Intercom

If you prefer video setups, here's an instructional video on Intercom + CloudTalk - Integration Overview:

Logging Calls

Missed and answered outbound and inbound calls which come through Intercom can be logged as either a conversation or an event. The option selected will make some differences in terms of how calls are logged and whether an interaction is initialized with the contact in question.

Calls as Conversations

Logging calls as conversations allows agents to open a conversation dialogue with Intercom clients who call in, and this includes options for missed calls. The opened conversation provides convenient tracking and access of necessary client information.

Setup Instructions:

  1. From the CloudTalk Dashboard, navigate to Settings > Integrations.

  2. Click to expand your existing Intercom integration. Select the blue Change button to open your integration settings.

  3. Scroll down to reach the Workflow Settings section. Confirm that Conversation is the selected option in the respective dropdown lists.

  4. Next to the option which says Assign missed calls to, be sure to choose an agent to whom all tickets for Intercom missed calls will be assigned to. This is a necessary step in creating Intercom conversations for missed calls.

  5. Toggle On next to the option to Export recording and customer links as notes to ensure this feature is allowed to function properly.

Call Recordings

By toggling on the option to Export recording and customer links as notes, a link to both a CloudTalk call recording and CloudTalk contact will be saved as a note for the calls of all Intercom conversations. You can access the call recording by clicking the button to Listen to recording. Access the CloudTalk contact profile by clicking View customer in CloudTalk.

Answered Calls

At the completion of a call in your CloudTalk Phone, a new conversation is created in Intercom. The caller is added to this conversation, which will include a message with all call information. Notes with any CloudTalk tags or call notes are generated automatically.

What Happens

Imagine a client named Jane Jones who has just called CloudTalk support. The agent she connects with adds the Support tag to her call and makes a note as the call is in session. Then, on the post-call wrap-up screen, the agent adds more notes and a Support ticket created tag before moving on to the next caller.

As part of the automated integration:

  • A new conversation will be created within Intercom, with Jane Jones added

  • Three notes will be added to this conversation -

    • The Support tag added

    • the notes written during and after the call

    • and the Support ticket created tag

  • Finally, there will be a message, including -

    • Call type > Inbound call (completed)

    • CloudTalk number > number reached by Jane

    • Caller Phone number > Jane's phone

    • CloudTalk agent > Who answered the call

    • Call duration

    • Call date > Start date and time

    • Call Recording

    • Link to contact > on CloudTalk

Missed Calls

In the case of a CloudTalk call going unanswered, a new conversation will be created in Intercom with the caller added. Just as with received calls, a message with call information will be generated within the conversation.

A voicemail will also be included in the Intercom message if the caller was able to leave one.

Note:  In order to see the reason for the missed call, users will have 
to check through Intercom. This information will not be
forwarded automatically.

Calls as Events

Though this option will take away some of the benefits offered with logging calls as conversations, there may be a few cases in which it is the preferred option. Namely, in any situation where we do not want a conversation dialogue to be opened. An example of this would be if a business did not care to be notified when a missed call or voicemail was added to Intercom.

Missed Calls and Voicemails Sending Message to Intercom Contact

The Intercom API is unable to create a conversation with only a note attached to the conversation with a contact. This means that when Log inbound missed call as... is set to Conversation in the Integrations settings for Intercom, a message with missed call information and possibly a note containing a voicemail will be sent to the Intercom contact who made the call.

To stop this from happening, navigate to Integrations from the Account tab on the lefthand sidebar of the CloudTalk Dashboard. Scroll down to the Workflow settings section and change Log inbound missed call as... to Event. You can choose to do the same for Log voicemail as... (see picture below).

Note:  This will disable the ability to be notified when a missed call
or voicemail is added to Intercom.

Calls are logged into the customer's profile. When there is a missed call or voicemail from a customer, it will be automatically logged as a ticket in the conversations.

Outbound Calls

Calls will still include the standard CloudTalk integration features, such as tagging, writing notes, evaluating customer mood, and rating call quality. During or after the call, tags may be added by the agent. After wrap-up tasks are completed, the call will be logged as an event within Intercom. By clicking on the Recent event detail, you can see all additional information, such as the call date, duration, and agent name.

Intercom integration

Click-to-Call Feature

For those with Chrome's Click-to-Call extension, all phone numbers in Intercom will be converted into a clickable format, allowing a call to be initiated with a single click. When receiving a call, the Intercom profile of the caller can be accessed before the call is picked up.

Note:  We recommend removing other Chrome extensions or telco
providers as these may interfere with the click-to-call feature.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact the CloudTalk Support team. We are always here to help you!

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