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How to use the Click to Call extension
How to use the Click to Call extension
Dial any phone number on the web with a single click. Make calls instantly to boost your team productivity.
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Why would you want to use Click to call?

Click to call enables effortless dialing with a click of your mouse. When scrolling a website page, or a screen in software that you've integrated with CloudTalk, phone numbers will appear as hyperlinks, which can be clicked to immediately add them to your CloudTalk dialer ready to be called.

  • Improve the speed of your work, no more copy and pasting numbers

  • Higher levels of efficiency when dealing with your customers, get into calls faster

  • Smoother transitions straight into calls from websites and/or integrations

  • Minimal room for error when compared with copying and pasting numbers

How do I install the Click to Call extension?

Install the CloudTalk Click to Call extension from Chrome's Web Store.

After successful installation, the CloudTalk Click to Call icon will appear next to the address bar in your Chrome browser.

In order to use the extension, you first need to log in to your CloudTalk account.

Simply navigate to Extension Settings or click on Login in the extension pop-up.

After logging in, you will see your logged in account in the extension settings.

How does Click to Call work?

The Click to Call extension will immediately start scanning your websites for phone numbers. Each phone number will be automatically converted to a clickable link.

See the example number bellow:

Whenever there’s a number that you would like to dial (e.g. a potential client), simply click on the number in your Chrome window and the call will be made via CloudTalk.

There is no need to copy and paste numbers anymore.

How do I deactivate the Click to Call extension on a specific website?

If you don't want to use the extension on a specific website/domain, you can simply disable it for future use. Please follow the steps bellow:

  • Click on the extension icon next to the address bar.

  • Deactivate by clicking "disable on pages on this site".

Please keep in mind that the website will reload automatically after changing the option.

Note: If you change your mind later, you can activate the extension by following the same steps.

How do I manually dial a phone number?

In some cases, you may need to manually dial a phone number from the website.

Please follow the steps bellow:

  • Select a number on the website with your cursor

  • Right click on the selected number

  • Click on Call XXXX via CloudTalk Phone

How do I use the extended detection mode?

This setting allows you to find phone numbers even when not following the recommended practices and format.

To turn on the extended detection just on specific websites / domains:

  • Click on the extension icon next to the address bar

  • Activate the extended detection mode by turning on enable extended search

Important notice: Please keep in mind that the website will reload automatically after changing the option.

To turn on the extended detection mode for every website / domain:

  • Press the extension icon next to the address bar

  • Click on the settings icon in the right corner

  • Change the value of Use extended search on all pages? to Yes

  • Once it’s done, click on the Save button

How do I automatically dial pasted numbers?

Normally, the number is pasted to your CloudTalk Phone Application and you can dial it by clicking the green dial button.

You may choose to automatically dial the numbers, pasted to the app by checking Automatically dial CloudTalk extension numbers option.

This way, every number you click on will be automatically dialed via CloudTalk Phone.

How do I add numbers to the Smart Dialer?

First, make sure that you have Enable Smart Dialer single-click add? option enabled in the extension settings.

Whenever the extension finds numbers on the browsed page, you will have an option to add them all to the Smart Dialer by clicking on Add to Smart Dialer in the extension pop-up.

This will transfer all the numbers, found on the page, to your Smart Dialer queue.

Important notice: It's possible that the extension might not work for every case on every website.

This problem can occur for several different reasons:

  • Phone numbers are not correctly formatted with an international country code, e.g. the plus sign /+/, country code, area code or some other important part of the number is missing. If the local number (without country code) is detected, then the most recently used country code in CloudTalk Phone will be used to make the call. 

  • Phone numbers are not properly marked in the source code of the website, e.g. there is no proper hyperlink with tel: schema.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support Team. We are always here to help you!

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