Anonymous Calling

Make outbound calls without disclosing your number and business identity.

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Learn how to switch your calling mode to anonymous and hide your outbound number to callers.

Anonymous vs. Regular Calling

Anonymous calling is a type of outbound calling in which the callee cannot see the business number or name when their phone rings. This type of calling is critical for some business industries, where keeping the number and business information private is crucial for increasing outbound call success rate.

Make an Anonymous Call

Currently, anonymous calling can only be enabled for your account by request. Please contact us if you are interested in using this feature.

In your desktop Phone app, anonymous calling is applied during outbound number selection.

  1. From the dialer screen of CloudTalk Phone, select the outbound number to edit.

  2. Switch on the Anonymous call toggle. All outbound numbers should be available for anonymous calls. The eye icon indicates that the chosen number will be made anonymous to the callee.

  3. Select a number.

  4. Make a call as usual from the selected anonymous number.

Anonymous calling can only be performed from the desktop app, not the mobile app. It cannot be used in combination with our Smart dialer or Power dialer.

Switch Off Anonymous Calling

You will follow the same process you did when switching anonymous calling on.

  1. From the dialer screen of CloudTalk Phone, select the outbound number to edit. You will know you are in anonymous mode when you see the eye icon next to all numbers.

  2. Switch off the Anonymous call toggle. You should be able to see your list of outbound numbers with no eye icons, indicating the outbound numbers will be visible to callees.

  3. Select a number.

  4. Make calls as usual.

Anonymous Calls History + Analytics

Just as within the dialer, anonymous outbound calls within call history pages, analytics, and your dashboard will be denoted with the eye icon. Be aware that the eye icon is always paired with the outbound number. That means if you're viewing only inbound number statistics on a page, this information will be missing.

When viewing call history on Desktop Phone, you can easily see which calls have been placed anonymously.

You'll also see the anonymous icon when you select a specific call to view the call details. It is always next to the outbound number.

Within dashboard and analytics, admin and analysts can scroll over the eye icon to see a tooltip clarifying this was an anonymous call. This icon should appear for numbers in Analytics—Call Details and Call Logs, as well as within your dashboard Call History, Call Monitor, Campaign Statistics call history logs, and Contact Detail screens.

Customer View

When an anonymous call comes in, the customer will see Private number as the caller identification, instead of your phone number or business name.

If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support team, we are always happy to help!

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