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Dial any phone number on the web with a single click. Make calls instantly to boost your team productivity.

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Learn how to start using our Click to Call extension to easily locate and dial clickable numbers on a webpage.

Using Click to Call


  1. Install the CloudTalk Click to Call extension from Chrome's Web Store.

  2. After successful installation, the CloudTalk Click to Call icon will appear next to the address bar in your Chrome browser.

  3. Navigate to settings or select Login to first log into your CloudTalk account.

  4. When you are successfully logged in, you should see your CloudTalk Account within extension settings.

    1. Optional: Edit settings for extended search and toolbar display.

Automatic Dial

Once active, the Click to Call extension will immediately start scanning your websites for phone numbers. Each phone number will be automatically converted to a clickable link.

Whenever there’s a number that you would like to dial (e.g. a potential client), simply click on the number in your Chrome window and the call will be pasted into your CloudTalk Phone or automatically dialed, depending on settings.

Right Click Dial

On some websites, you may find you need to first open the shortcut menu to dial a found phone number.

  1. Use your cursor to select the number (if necessary).

  2. Open the shortcut menu:

    1. On Mac, use two fingers and press the trackpad, or CTRL + Click.

    2. On Windows, right click.

  3. Select the option to Call "<number>" via CloudTalk Phone.

Number Settings: Paste or Auto Dial

By default, a clicked number is pasted into your CloudTalk Phone dialer. From there, you can initiate the call by clicking the green dial button.

In Phone Settings, you may change the default behavior to automatically dial clicked numbers.

  1. Select your user icon.

  2. Navigate to Calling > Call automation.

  3. Toggle on Automatically dial Click to call numbers.

Add Numbers to Smart Dialer

  1. In extension settings, make sure you have Enable Smart Dialer single-click add? enabled.

  2. When browsing a new page, select the extension to see the tally of numbers found. Select Add to Smart Dialer.

  3. All the found numbers will be transferred to your smart dialer queue.

Deactivate for Specific Website

If you don't want to use the extension on a specific website, you can disable it for that domain.

  1. Select the extension icon.

  2. Toggle disable on pages on this site.

    1. The website will automatically reload after this option is changed.

Extended Detection Mode

This setting allows you to include phone numbers in the search which do not follow the recommended format. Be aware that saving or attempting to dial numbers not in E.164 format could cause errors.

For Specific Websites

  1. Select the extension icon.

  2. Toggle enable extended search on.

    1. The website will automatically reload after this option is changed.

As Default

  1. Select the extension icon.

  2. Select the settings icon.

  3. Change Use extended search on all pages? to Yes.

  4. Save.

Extension Not Working

The Click to Call extension, or some of its functions, may not work on every website. Errors can occur for these common reasons:

  • Phone numbers are not correctly formatted. E.164 format requires an international country code (which includes a plus sign +) and a local area code, in addition to the subscriber number.

    • Note: If a local number (without a country code) is detected, then the most recently used country code in CloudTalk Phone will be used to make the call.

  • Phone numbers are not properly marked in the source code. This means the website developers did not properly mark a hyperlink with tel: schema for the number.

    • In this case, you may still be able to make a call through the shortcut menu. (See Right Click Dial.)

Why Use Click to Call?

Click to Call enables effortless dialing with a click of your mouse. When scrolling a website page, or a screen belonging to software you've integrated with CloudTalk, phone numbers will appear as clickable hyperlinks which can be instantly added to your CloudTalk dialer, ready to be called.

Improve the speed of your work—no more copy and pasting numbers. Click to Call users report:

  • Higher levels of efficiency when dealing with customers

  • Getting to calls faster

  • Smoother transitions into calling from websites or integrations

  • Decreased room for error when compared with copying and pasting numbers

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support Team. We are always here to help you!

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