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How do I use CloudTalk with Front?
How do I use CloudTalk with Front?

Integrate CloudTalk with your Front help-desk software and streamline communication between you and your customers.

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In this article, we will show you how to use Front integration together with CloudTalk. Front integration allows you to see the ticket details associated with a caller before you even pick up the phone. Make sure to read how to configure your Front integration so that you can start enjoying the benefits.

If you prefer video demos, here's one of the Front + CloudTalk - Integration Overview:

When you connect both tools, all your CloudTalk calls and voicemails will be logged as tickets in Front. Support and sales teams will be able to call your prospects or customers directly from Front, without ever leaving the interface.

CloudTalk call center integration for Front

If you create a new contact or update an existing one in Front, changes are automatically transferred to CloudTalk, and vice versa. The sync works both ways, so whenever a call gets initiated, your agents will be able to see the caller’s real-time customer card, which displays:

  • customer contact details

    • name

    • email

    • phone number

    • company

    • address

    • website, etc.

  • call history and call recordings

  • comments and notes

  • Front tickets and conversations

In Front, contacts are listed in the Contacts section. You can view what contact info has synchronized with CloudTalk by checking the Overview section of the customer card.

Note: Front conversations are not imported to CloudTalk contacts - only call data gets imported to the CloudTalk side

Front call center integration - inbound call

Two-Way Synchronization for Call Data

With automated synchronization updating every 15 minutes, you will find current and complete call data in both systems. A Front ticket is created for each CloudTalk call, which includes the relevant call details.

CloudTalk Call

Front Message



Contact link

Link inside message ("CloudTalk customer")

Call ended date and time

Call date

CloudTalk number used

CloudTalk number

Other side's number

Caller number


Message subject


Listed in the subject of the message

outbound answered = Outbound call (completed)
outbound no answer = Outbound call (unanswered)
inbound answered = Inbound call (completed)
inbound missed = Missed call

voicemail = Voicemail

Call Note



Tags (near message subject)



Waiting time + Talking time + Wrap-up time


Recording URL



  • To categorize your calls and leads, add customized tags during or after the call.

  • After clicking on a specific call you can see all relevant information. You'll also have access to any recordings.

  • Calls are automatically logged into the inbox you chose during configuration.

Note: At this time, SMS messages are not exported.

Missed Call Assignment

All your missed calls are logged in the Assigned section of your Inbox. If necessary, specific missed calls can be given to another agent. In Detail, you will find the information like call date, waiting time, and the agent's name.

A call is always assigned to the agent who made or recieved it. It is important that agents are signed up in both platforms under the same email address, so that they calls are assigned correctly.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support team. We are always here to help you!

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