Thanks to CloudTalk + Front integration, all existing Front data (like contact details, tickets, tags, etc.) will be synchronized within CloudTalk and vice versa. This means that your agents will have a comprehensive understanding of their customers without having to open multiple systems.

Integration Setup Guide:

Important notice: In order for the integration to properly export CloudTalk call to Front, your CloudTalk agent’s emails need to match your Front user’s emails.

Integrating Front with CloudTalk

  1. Log in to CloudTalk Dashboard account here.

  2. Click on Account -> Integrations in the left sidebar menu.

  3. Select Front integration and click on the +Add button to install the integration.

  4. You will be redirected to Front Login page, where you need to log into your account.

5. Now, click on “Authorize” and follow the authorization flow.

6. After successful login, you will be redirected back to CloudTalk Dashboard. Choose Front inbox or create a new one. CloudTalk will synchronize calls to that particular inbox.

7. Once you have completed these steps, your integration is ready. Now, you can customize your integration according to your business needs.

8. Finally, click on the Save button to activate the integration.

Once the integration is set up, all your Front contacts will be synchronized with CloudTalk.

Please notice that the data synchronization may take a few minutes. 

Configure your CloudTalk CTI within Front

  1. Log in to Front Dashboard account here

  2. When logged in your Front account, navigate to the settings section. 

3. Click on Plugins & API. Here, click on the button “add a plugin”.

4. In this section, add the following and click Save:

  • Name - a name for our plugin, for example, "CloudTalk"

  • Endpoint -

  • SDK version - v1.x (latest)

  • Features - Microphone, Clipboard

Integration customization:

  • Choose what Front inbox your calls will be logged in

  • You can define which calls (inbound, outbound, missed calls and voicemails) to log data for in Front. The calls will be logged as “Archived” into the Front inbox that you defined. 

  • Pick which CloudTalk numbers should be linked to your Front integration. This will help you to better organize your data. If no number is selected, all numbers will be synced to Front.

  • Choose whether you want to log all calls or only those made during business hours or when your lines are closed.

  • Define an agent to whom you want to assign missed calls. 

And that's it!

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can always contact our Support Team. We are here to help you at all times.

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