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How to use CloudTalk with Gorgias
How to use CloudTalk with Gorgias

Streamline communication between you and your customers by integrating CloudTalk with the Gorgias helpdesk software.

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In this article, we will show you how to use Gorgias together with CloudTalk to easily initiate calls and access customer information.

If you prefer video setup guides, here's an instruction video on Gorgias + CloudTalk - Integration Overview:

Receive and make calls directly in Gorgias

When using the integration, all calls, voicemails and SMS will be logged as tickets in Gorgias.

The integration allows you to initiate calls with your prospects and customers with a single click directly from Gorgias. When using Gorgias + CloudTalk integration, your agents will see all important caller information directly in the CloudTalk phone integration.

The sync works both ways, so whenever a caller is initiating a call, your agents will be able to see the caller’s real-time customer card, which displays all the following information even before you pick up the call.

When logged in your Gorgias account, all numbers will be converted into a clickable format and you can easily initiate calls with a single click. At CloudTalk, we call this the Click-to-Call feature.

After the call is initiated, you can learn more about your customer by accessing the caller's Gorgias profile, again with a single click.

During or after the call, you can add different tags according to your needs. You can write down a note and evaluate the customer's mood or call quality.

After you add the necessary information and click on "Done", the call will be logged as an activity in Gorgias.

The real-time customer card displays all of the following information:

  • The customer’s contact details (name, email, phone number, company, address, website, etc.)

  • Call history with call recordings

  • Comments and notes

  • Gorgias tickets and conversations

  • Additional activities from Gorgias and CloudTalk software

Make calls directly from Gorgias

You can get the click-to-call feature in order to start a call directly from your Chrome browser just by clicking on a number in Gorgias. Simply visit our Click to Call page and follow the installation instructions.

Pro Tip: We recommend removing all other Chrome extensions or other telco providers which may interfere with the click-to-call feature.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support team. We are always here to help you!

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