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Using CloudTalk Phone
Using CloudTalk Phone

Features that will help you fully benefit from the CloudTalk Phone app.

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You can use the CloudTalk Phone in your internet browser or as a desktop app that can be downloaded here (currently available for Mac, Windows, and Linux).

For optimum functionality and stability, we recommend that you use the desktop app.

Signing in to the app is easy, just use the same log in details that you use for the admin interface.

Once you sign in, you can immediately start receiving and making phone calls.

  • Pro Tip: You need to allow CloudTalk Phone to use your microphone in the browser. We recommend enabling notifications of inbound calls. For more information on how to configure your microphone, read our post Configuring Microphone and Speakers.

Dialer (Keyboard)

Use the dialer to make phone calls. You can enter phone numbers by pressing the number keys on the keyboard in the app’s interface or by entering them on your external keyboard (1). If the app recognises a number with an international area code, it will automatically select the right country by showing a country flag (2). Also the user can choose the outbound number that will be used to make the call from your list of numbers (3).


Users can view the list of all phone calls. Calls are listed in the history based on the user’s role:

  • Agent - history is displayed based on your settings – "Visibility of Calls and Recordings" for the specific agent.

  • Supervisor - can see phone calls made by themselves and their agents.

  • Administrator - can see all calls made within the company. 

In the top menu, you can either view all calls or filter them to see only missed calls (1). Each phone call contains the name of the contact, the time of the call and the agent’s name (or ring group) in the lower part (2).

Hover over the call to see a phone icon which allows you to dial the number again and an SMS icon that allows you to send a message (3). Click on the call to see more call details, where you can play a call recording or add / edit tags, notes and rating.


This is a list of your company’s contacts. You can search and view call history here.

Contact details

Click on a contact to see contact details. This includes more detailed contact information, such as a phone number, email address, tags, company name and position (1).

Here, you can also view call history (2). Click on the Details button to display contact details in the web admin interface (3).


Click the gear wheel in the bottom right corner to manage phone app settings:

  • Notification click behaviour

  • Bring app to the foreground when ringing

  • Automatically dial CloudTalk extension numbers

  • Automatically pick up "dialed calls"

  • Automatically pick up inbound calls

Click the gear wheel in the top left corner to:

  • manage your voice settings

  • keyboard shortcuts

  • refresh the app

  • open app’s general settings

Sound settings

You may configure the microphone and speakers to be used by your CloudTalk Phone. You can also test your sound settings here, which allows you to configure devices that will be used by the app during phone calls.

Important notice: These settings cannot be changed while you are on the phone. To configure your microphone and speakers correctly, read this article.

Keyboard shortcuts

This feature is available only for desktop apps. You can use keyboard shortcuts even when the app is running in the background.

Available shortcuts:

  • Alt + A – to answer a call

  • Alt + M – to mute a call

  • Alt + H – to end a call

  • Alt + C - to paste copied number into the dialer

  • You can call the number by clicking Enter

Phone Call

The app is running even when minimized, so you will be notified by the OS when a new call comes in. This notification displays the phone number or the contact’s name. You can answer the call simply by clicking on the notification.

The call contains the outbound phone number that is currently being used (1). The app also displays contact information – name, phone number, and a button that will transfer you to the admin interface and contact details (2). You can also use functional buttons, keypad, to control the call (3):

  • Mute the call

  • Hold the call

  • Transfer the call

  • Add the call

  • Raise a hand

  • Add agent

  • Add number to the contact

  • Answer or refuse a phone call


This button will display the keyboard. You can press keys to navigate the call, even while on the phone (by pressing 1, you will redirect the call to another agent).


The app will mute the microphone, so the caller will not hear you.


This feature allows you to temporarily place the call on hold. You will not hear the caller and they will not hear you. 

Call transfer

During an inbound or outbound call, you can transfer the call to another agent or an external phone number. You just need to select an agent from the list of agents. If no agent is available, you can simply redirect the call to an external number in a single click.  

Add Call

This feature allows you to add another contact to the call.

SMS / Text Messages

Please note that SMS/ Text Messages are only available upon request. If needed, contact our team and they will be happy to activate SMS for you.

After the SMS feature is activated, you can start using it from your CloudTalk Phone App.

If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support team, we are always happy to help!

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