How to Set Up Linphone with CloudTalk

A simple and quick setup guide for Linphone desktop and mobile apps

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Set up and start using Linphone with CloudTalk.

Linphone Setup

You can download the Linphone app on Google Play or the App Store. Once the app is launched, you will need to add your CloudTalk’s user account with the following login details:

  1. name / username

  2. password

  3. SIP server

Where do I find my SIP account login details?

If you are an admin, open the Agents tab to search the list of agent profiles, then click on the blue pencil (edit) icon to next to the desired agent. Scroll to the bottom of the agent profile to find the Username, Password and Server.

As an agent, you can go to your profile settings to find your SIP login information.

If you don't see SIP login information in either section, this option has not been enabled for your account. An account admin can request activation of SIP login from our support team.

Linphone Desktop

  1. Open your Linphone app.

  2. In the account Assistant, select Use SIP Account.

  3. Fill out the required information:

    1. Linphone Name = CloudTalk SIP Login Username

    2. Linphone SIP Domain = SIP Login Server

    3. Password

    4. Transport should be UDP by default. If not, open the dropdown menu and select it.

  4. Click Use to save the configuration.

  5. To connect the CloudTalk account you've saved, select Active account in the upper right corner and find it in the dropdown menu. Select OK.

Linphone Mobile

  1. Open your Linphone app.

  2. Select Use SIP account. In the account Assistant, enter your details:

    1. Username = CloudTalk SIP Login Username

    2. Password

    3. Domain = SIP Login Server

    4. Display name (optional)

    5. Transport - select UDP

  3. Login.


If you're encountering any issues, you can try the following within Settings / Account Settings:

  • Switch Transport to UDP

  • Uncheck Enable push notifications

Note on third party apps: we always recommend using CloudTalk native apps, as third party apps may not support certain features of CloudTalk (voicemail drops, SMS, etc.). We are also unable to provide full customer and technical support for third party applications.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support Team. We are always here to help you!

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