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CloudTalk Express Onboarding

A quick guide with useful links to get you started with CloudTalk!

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Welcome to this CloudTalk quick setup guide. Here you’ll find tips on how to achieve the best possible CloudTalk experience, along with useful links to improve your knowledge and experience.

Sign in to the App

There are many ways to use CloudTalk to make and receive calls. The most frequently used option is our desktop app, which is extremely user-friedly. Check out our other options here.

Sign in to the app which suits you best.

Personalize your phone numbers

Each CloudTalk customer receives their first number after the initial sign up process. You can use this number for testing and if you like it, you can keep it. 

If you need more numbers, you have several options:

  • Buy new numbers from more than 60 countries.

  • Transfer numbers from your existing carrier to CloudTalk. 

Just let us know which option suits you best.

Personalize your phone numbers to:

  1. Configure your business hours.

  2. Set up IVR and phone menu. 

Find more tips about configuration here.

Make your first call

Please set up your sound settings correctly, you want to be able to hear calls clearly! Read more about the configuration, it’s super easy.

We also strongly recommend reading our guide for System & Network requirements and how to set-up your Quality of Service (QOS) on your router to improve the call quality.

Now make your first call with CloudTalk, just call your teammates or loved ones. For making and receiving calls you have few options, read more here.

Invite your teammates!

Before going live, don’t forget to invite your teammates. You will definitely benefit if your teammates can collaborate with each other. CloudTalk includes many strong collaborative tools (phone numbers, ring groups, IVR menu, emotions analytics etc.).

Learn more about agents and groups here:

Account Preferences

Once you have completed all the steps above, take a quick look at other settings which can help you personalize CloudTalk even more:


You’re almost done. Connect your CloudTalk account with other tools you already use (E-commerce, Helpdesk, CRM & more). This will further enhance your customer experience and productivity. Learn how to connect CloudTalk with other tools.

Congratulations! If you have any further questions regarding implementation, don’t hesitate to contact our Support team.

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