Phone numbers are important! In many cases, that is one of the the first impressions a potential customer gets about your business! With Cloudtalk, you can acquire numbers from many different countries and regions all within one platform to give your company a local presence for your customers.

On your free trial, you will be automatically given a testing number, but subscribers can request to exchange or add numbers anytime via their dashboard.

Ordering a new number

Here’s how you can request a new number:

  • Login to your Cloudtalk Dashboard

  • Click on Numbers tab in the left menu

  • Click on the Buy A Number on the top bar (you won't be charged automatically if you are exchanging a number)

  • Answer the questions in the menu about what type of number you would like or which prefix you need (If you are exchanging an existing number for a new one, you can specify that in the "Want to add something?" section)

  • You will see an order confirmation banner on the top screen and receive an order confirmation to your email that you use to login to Cloudtalk.

    • You can check the status of your request under "My Requests" Button

  • Our Numbers team will add the number for you as soon as possible. In case that regulatory documents are needed or there are longer processing and activation times, we will let you know through an email follow up.


Have a look at our global country coverage and numbers pricing to see what we can offer.

Our team is happy to help you find the most suitable number, yet sometimes we are limited by the country regulator and can only assign numbers to customers with a local address or business registration.

Less in-demand numbers may not be kept in stock and may have to be specially ordered for your company.

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