How To Add A New Number In CloudTalk

A guide to requesting new international numbers from the Numbers team

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Follow these steps to buy a number via the dashboard.

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Numbers in CloudTalk

The phone numbers you use are important. In many cases, the first impressions of your business come from the phone number a potential customer sees on an incoming call. An unfamiliar country code can be an automatic reason for someone not to pick up the call.

With CloudTalk, you can acquire numbers from many different countries and regions all within one platform to give your company a localized presence for your customers. During your free trial, you will be automatically given a testing number, but subscribers can request to exchange or add numbers anytime through the dashboard.

Ordering a New Number

Here’s how you can request a new number

  1. From the CloudTalk Dashboard, navigate to the Numbers tab.

  2. Click Get a Number.
    - On our Legacy Dashboard this will say Buy New Number. Don't worry - you won't be automatically charged if you just want to exchange a number.

  3. Select a country and specify the type of number you need. In the bottom section "Additional documents (ID, business license, etc.)", you will see the requirements per number and you will be able to upload them into the form.

    If the section is blank, after "Additional documents (ID, business license, etc.)" this means there are no requirements

    On our Legacy Dashboard

    1. if you are exchanging an existing number for a new one, please describe this in the section notes in the "Want to add something?" box.

    2. There is not a 'requirement section' embedded in the order form, but you can see all our number requirements by country and number type here

  4. You will see an order confirmation banner in the top corner after sending your request, and receive a confirmation to your account email address.

  5. Our Numbering Support Team will review your request and either add the number or follow up in the confirmation email if we need any additional documents or information from you.

  6. Our Numbering Support Team will add the number to your account, add billing for the number, and send a final confirmation in the confirmation email

Did you know? You can see the status of your ongoing requests in the main numbers section under My Requests

  1. NEW - We have received your request, but an agent has not processed it yet. -Typically, we will respond to you within 8-24 hours.

  2. WAITING FOR INFORMATION - We have reviewed your request, but need more information or additional documents before we can continue. Please check the email that you use to log in to CloudTalk to see what else is needed.

  3. PROCESSING - CloudTalk has everything they need for the request and is in the process of activating the number with our operator.
    -If your request needs to have documents verified by our vendor, this step will usually take 24-72 hours, unless your number type has additional wait or backorder time

  4. COMPLETED - the number has been added to your CloudTalk account. Check the email connected to your request, as an agent will specify which specific number was added.

  5. CANCELED - the request was canceled by your team

  6. EXPIRED - after a request has been in the WAITING FOR INFORMATION stage for 2+ business days without a response from your side, we may close your request and mark it as expired.

Number Coverage

Have a look at our coverage, wait times, requirements, and numbers pricing to see what we can offer.

Our team is happy to help you find the most suitable number, though sometimes we are limited by the country regulator and can only assign numbers to customers with a local address or business registration. Less in-demand numbers may not be kept in stock and may have to be specially ordered for your company.

Vanity Numbers

If you would like a specific number (ex. spelling your company name or with memorable, repeating digits) CloudTalk will do our best to accommodate you.

In some cases, we may already have a suitable number in our own inventory, but in most cases, we will need to request a customized number from our vendors.

This may mean extra wait time or administrative fees from our vendor. You will only pay if we are able to find a suitable number that you would like to keep. CloudTalk takes no markup on this service.

Due to the fact that memorable, catchy numbers are in very high demand, the exact number combination you want might already be in use or might not be available with any of our vendors.

We will always do our best to find the closest alternative for you.

Bulk Orders

At CloudTalk, we will do our best to fill large orders for your team as fast as possible but may be limited by internal or external capacity.

For large custom orders, our vendors have an approximate wait time of 5-8 business days, so consider this wait time and order your numbers at least a week before they are needed.

Have more questions? Contact our Numbering Support team. We're always happy to help!

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