At CloudTalk, we can provide you with several different number types.

Types of phone numbers

  • Geographic/local - A geographic number is a telephone number with a digit structure that is linked to a specific city. These numbers are tied to a particular city or region, such as London, Madrid, etc.

  • Mobile - Mobile numbers are numbers that are usually used in cell phones and linked to SIM-cards. CloudTalk offers Mobile Numbers in a handful of countries. These numbers are not linked to any SIM-card and can be used in the same way as Local Numbers and National Numbers.

  • National - Unlike geographic phone numbers, national phone numbers are not tied to a particular local area. Pricing for making outbound phone calls from CloudTalk on a national number is the same as if it was a local number. For your callers, placing calls to a national CloudTalk phone number should be charged by their carrier the same way as a local call.

  • Toll-free - Also called freephone numbers, they are billed for all received calls instead of charging your customer or caller. For the calling party, a call to a toll-free number from a landline or mobile phone is free of charge. If you would like to have a toll-free number on your CloudTalk account, you will fund the inbound calls from your account credit.

  • Shared cost - It's very similar to Toll-free. The main difference is in call charges. Call charges are split between callee and caller.


Have a look at our global country coverage and numbers pricing to see what we can offer. Our team is happy to help you find the most suitable number, yet some are limited by the country regulator and can only be assigned with local address or business registration. Less in-demand numbers may have to be ordered specifically for you.

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