How Do I Upgrade to a Paid Plan?

Switch from your trial version and start fully using CloudTalk in just a few clicks

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Learn how to upgrade your trial to a CloudTalk subscription that fits your business.

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Paid Plans

Please choose your currency carefully, as payment currency cannot be changed after upgrading to a paid plan.

You can upgrade your CloudTalk account from a demo to a paid subscription from the dashboard.

  1. Locate the Update My Plan button in the banner display.

  2. Make sure you have reviewed the available plans. Details on what is included in each plan can be found on the pricing page of our website.

  3. You can choose to be billed in Euro (€) or USD ($). Notice: the chosen currency cannot be changed after upgrading to a paid plan.

  4. Once you have selected the currency, choose the plan you wish to purchase. You will have the opportunity to review how many users will be on the account.

  5. You will see the option to add a Card or PayPal as your payment of choice. After your billing info is entered, you can see how much you'll be charged for a specific day. Future payments will be automatically deducted from the card or account linked here.

  6. Add the billing info attached to your planned method of payment. You can also add or update this info at a later time.

Some actions on the platform, such as outbound calling and SMS, require credit. You can set up credit payments as a one time charge or recurring top ups.

Payment data is securely processed, encrypted and stored by Braintree, a global payment operator owned by PayPal.

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