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How to use CloudTalk with Magento
How to use CloudTalk with Magento

Start using CloudTalk's integrated features with Magento

Written by Shelby Glynn
Updated over a week ago

This article will talk briefly about how you can use and update Magento deals within the CloudTalk interface. There's a separate article for help with integrating your Magento into CloudTalk.

How It Works


Magento customers will be synched to CloudTalk at the time of installation. To learn more about how CloudTalk merges existing contacts, read this guide. From the point of installation, new contacts and updates from Magento will be refreshed every 12 minutes. Though you cannot create new contacts for Magento through CloudTalk, updates to existing Magento contacts can be done through the CloudTalk interface.


Orders from before installation setup will not be synchronized into CloudTalk, though this option may be done manually by a CloudTalk support member. New and updated orders from the time of installation will be synchronized.

Order data is displayed along with customer information, under Contact info. From the CloudTalk Dashboard, navigate to the Contacts tab and click the magnifying glass beside the particular contact. With Magento integrated, you can see:

  • the Order ID

  • Status of the order (processed, pending, etc.)

  • a list of individual items bought

  • the Shipping method

  • Billing address

  • Delivery address

  • Total amount to be paid

  • Payment status (paid/unpaid)

  • Comments on the order from Magento

  • Date and time order was placed

  • Quick link to order detail in Magento

Synching from CloudTalk to Magento

In addition to viewing information about Magento orders through CloudTalk, users can perform a few actions which will synchronize into Magento. By clicking the edit icon, users can:

  • Add notes to Magento orders

  • Change the order status for open orders (Hold, Unhold, Cancel)

These actions can also be performed while agents are on the phone with the customer.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support team. We are always here to help you!

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