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Call ID and Log ID codes—where to find them and how to report issues with your calls

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If you experience bad call quality or missing logs within your integration, it's important to provide the CloudTalk with the ID code for the particular call(s) involved.

What is a call ID code?

Not to be confused with the type of caller ID that identifies incoming callers using a CNAM database, the call ID in this instance refers to a code used to track the conditions of an individual call which took place.

Every call made through CloudTalk has its own specific call ID number. This number is visible for all agents that are able to see a particular call. It is the most helpful piece of information you can provide when communicating with our support team, as it allows us to to easily search the database and see call details such as the quality, network connection, integration logs, and more.

Where can I report the call ID code?

If you experience any issues with your call, the call ID should be reported to the CloudTalk support team via our live chat (reachable from your dashboard) or by email ([email protected]).

Any Call ID submitted should not be older than 3 days maximum. We are unable to access useable information from calls older than this. For more widespread issues, we may need 3 or more call ID examples.

Where can I find the IDs for calls?

From the Dashboard

  1. In the left menu, navigate to Statistics > Call history. Scroll down to see Call history logs.

  2. Select the three dots menu to view the Call ID for that call.

From Desktop & Mobile Apps

  1. Select the clock icon on the bottom left to navigate to Call history.

  2. On the mobile app, select the info (i) icon. View or copy the Call ID from the call detail screen.

  3. From the desktop app, simply select the contact or number to go to call detail. View or copy the Call ID.

What is a log ID code?

A log ID works much like a call ID in that it helps us understand the conditions that may have influenced call traffic. The difference between these two codes is that a log ID is a one-time code which can be generated to replicate the conditions of your device environment while keeping your data private.

Where can I find the log ID?

From CloudTalk Phone (Desktop / CTI Only)

  1. Select the user icon on the bottom right to view your user profile.

  2. Select Troubleshooting. Here is where you can copy your one-time log id.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support Team. We are always here to help you!

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