The installation package for Mac users is delivered as a dmg package. To install Phone on your computer, please follow the instructions explained below.

Step 1

Download the installation file for Mac from our website.

Step 2

Open the file. When your download is complete, double-click to open it. 

Note: In case you are unable to open the downloaded file, you need to change your security settings.

Drag and drop CloudTalk Phone app into the Applications folder. 

Step 3

Open the application directly in your Applications folder or your spotlight search

Pro Tip: You can keep the application pinned in the dock. Simply two-finger tap on the app in the Dock. Hover over ”Options”. Tap on “Keep In Dock”.

You’re all set!

Once the installation is successfully complete, you can immediately start using the app. Read more on some of the app’s features in this post.

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