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Known issue: WhatsApp messaging
Known issue: WhatsApp messaging

Information regarding an ongoing provider issue with WhatsApp messaging

Written by Tom Grant
Updated over a week ago

The issue:

Due to an bug on the side of one of our number providers, users may receive a message with an empty body or a message where the body includes a file name but no media content. In each case, an error message will display.

Known instances generating error messages:

1. When the sender (contact) sends a caption with their file(s). The same PDF & Media files are successful when the sender (contact) does not add a caption. These PDF and Media files work fine on Mobile where captioning is not a supported feature for messages with a file attached.

2. Unreliable file types: For both applications, there’s no reliable pattern for unsupported file types. The solution to this issue/error is to try different file types and obey the rule above concerning file+caption. Note- When the body of a message includes a file name but no media content, this also counts as an unsupported file.

Cause and future:

This bug is currently being worked on by our provider and we will continue to update this article should any new information or updates be given to us.

Our provider simply does not currently support sending text and attachments together in a WhatsApp message even though this is supported by both WhatsApp and CloudTalk. As mentioned, this is a known limitation and is currently open as a feature request in progress with our provider.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support team. We are always here to help you!

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