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Message Inbox Filters
Message Inbox Filters

Boost your unread messages and sort inbound message channels

Written by Shelby Glynn
Updated over a week ago

Learn how to organize incoming messages on your desktop CloudTalk Phone app.

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Apply + Clear Filters

From your desktop app, navigate to the messages screen to see available filters. The two filter types can be used in combination.

  1. Tap Unread to view only unopened messages, or All to view all.

  2. Select the All channels dropdown at the top of the screen:

    1. Choose between All channels, SMS/MMS, or WhatsApp.

    2. Choose Apply filter to view only messages from the channel selected.

If you are unable to select WhatsApp or SMS filter options, contact an administrator. These message types may be turned off for your company.

Channel Filters for Easy Sorting


Keep track of your WhatsApp business channels separate from other messages. All WhatsApp channel messages will be marked with the WhatsApp logo.


SMS messages include all texts outside of WhatsApp, while MMS messages are texts that include pictures or other media files.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support team. We are always here to help you!

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