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How to Send MMS Messages
How to Send MMS Messages

Use the MMS feature to deliver photos and mini picture slideshows to clients

Written by Shelby Glynn
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What is MMS?

MMS is the acronym for Multimedia Messaging Service. You may be familiar with SMS, or Short Message Service messages, also known as texts. An MMS message is basically the same concept, with the distinction that it can contain media in the form of pictures, sounds, or short-form video.

How do I know if I can send an MMS on my app?

There are some number limitations for sending MMS messages. Numbers must meet the following requirements:

  1. Only US and Canadian numbers are currently supported and this functionality is only available upon request. This means both the company number you are sending via and the end-client's number prefixes must begin with a +1.

  2. Both the sender ("via" number) and recipient must support MMS. Make sure you are using a number which allows this type of messaging service. If you are still seeing a warning flag, the problem could be on the side of the recipient number. This will be the last potential issue to consider if you have already ensured that you meet the requirements of the previous condition above but are still seeing a warning flag that is preventing you from sending MMS messages. Not all of our USA carriers support MMS, but we would be happy to swap your USA number to an MMS capable one if required.

Sending an MMS

Desktop app

When all requirements are met, you will be able to access MMS in the same way you would SMS. From the dialer pad, tap the messaging icon in the bottom toolbar and search your desired contact.

Once a recipient is chosen, you can tap the photo icon to add up to ten images within one message, along with any text you want to add. Accepted file types are .gif, .png, and .jpeg.

Preview your images before sending. Tap the x (cancel button) in the top right corner of an image to remove it. You can upload more images to an existing message if the limit has not been reached.

See the attached video below for guidance on using this functionality.

Multiple images in one message will display as a slideshow after sending.

Your sent text should appear above the slideshow when tapped to view.

Mobile app


Please note that the same restrictions apply when sending MMS messages via the mobile app or desktop app. See the requirements section at the start of this article for more information.

Once a conversation is opened with a contact in the mobile app, you’ll notice the image icon in the bottom left of the screen which will allow you to attach and send images during your conversation.

As with the desktop app, images will preview before sending and can be removed using the X icon.

When the message has been sent, users are able to open the images in a viewer and scroll through them, with the message text displayed overhead.

Important information

If either of the numbers involved in the conversation (sending or receiving) do not fit the requirements outlined above, the user will see a warning flag and sending features will be greyed-out.

Similarly, if the user starts an MMS message and changes the number they are sending from (via) to an unsupported number, sending features will become greyed-out, blocking the user from sending the MMS.

If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support team, we are always happy to help!

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