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Track Team Participation in Real Time
Track Team Participation in Real Time

Use CloudTalk's dashboard statistics pages to track team involvement

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Track team participation with ease using dashboard statistics.

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Monitor Operator Statistics

Wallboards are an available feature for Expert and Custom plans, while the Realtime dashboard is available for Essential, Expert, and Custom users.

Statistics are the default display of your CloudTalk dashboard. We can monitor the participation of current operators in real-time using Wallboards or the Realtime dashboard.

Number of Calls Taken

Monitor the number of calls an operator has taken for the given period and check the current call of a designated operator.

  1. Click the dropdown arrow next to Statistics. Select Wallboards.

  2. Wallboards allow you to view all current Operators and group calls. In either of these two boxes of information, you can click the cog icon to open Settings.

    Choose the Time filter for the time period you want to focus on, from the last hour up until the last five minutes.

  3. In the Operators box, you can check the Number of Calls column to compare the number of calls taken by operators listed.

  4. You can confirm the number of Active Operators in each group in the Groups - calls box.

Group Success Summary and Operator Status

Analyze the call success rates of different groups in real time and view the list of operator statuses on the Realtime dashboard.

The current Server time is shown in the upper right corner. Stats update automatically based on a time interval which can be adjusted under Realtime dashboard settings in Account > Settings.

The blue ring represents this time as it elapses.

  1. Scroll down to view the Group summary. Here you can check the number of Operators per group and observe the Abandon. Rate and Avg. Waiting Time which callers being queued to this group are experiencing.

    This information provides helpful feedback for needed adjustments to incoming call routes.

  2. Scroll down to Operator status to view the Status of an individual operator and the number of Calls that operator has made or received.

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