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How are missed calls stats calculated?
How are missed calls stats calculated?

How statistics calculate missed, unresolved, and resolved calls

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Learn how to interpret statistical values for missed calls with dashboard statistics.

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Missed Call Statistics

Access your statistics display by navigating to Statistics > Call History from the CloudTalk dashboard. Select the (More) link next to the Missed Calls icon. This directs you to the Missed Call Statistics page.

Missed Call Values Explained


Calculates all inbound calls for current period



Calculates all unanswered inbound calls for current period, including calls later resolved.

Number of calls with successful callback indicated by number in parentheses ()



Calculates all calls which have routed to voicemail



Calculates the percentage of callers whose calls were missed or who left the queue before a call is answered by an agent.



Calculates the average time before a call is missed or the caller abandons the queue



Calculates maximum wait time before which call is either dropped by the system or caller cancels call


Missed Call Stats FAQ

  • How do I change the date and time range that I want to see statistics for?

    • In the top right corner of the page is the range currently displayed. Clicking into this box allows you to choose a preselected time (Today, Yesterday...) or a Custom Range (From:___ To:___) you would like to display statistics for.

  • How can I view statistics for only resolved/unresolved calls?

    • At the top of the Missed Calls statistics page, under the date display, are data filters. By selecting from the dropdown list for filter by status, you can choose the option only resolved calls or only unresolved calls to view the respective data for each.

  • What is the difference between a Successful Callback and a Resolved Call?

    • Callback refers to CloudTalk's advanced Callback feature, in which the system will notice a missed call and try to automatically call that number back when an agent becomes available. By this logic, Successful Callback refers to when this process takes place successfully, reaching the caller in question.

    • A call is marked Resolved anytime that call has been successfully returned. This means a call could be both resolved and a successful Callback, but not all resolved calls are successful callbacks - some are resolved manually by agents.

  • I use one or more integrations (LiveAgent, Intercom, etc.) and a single caller can lead to multiple missed Chats/Conversations if there are limited agents available and the same call keeps ringing through. Does this affect statistics calculations?

    • The answer depends on the journey the call is taking which causes it to ring through multiple times to the same group. That is to say, it depends how the Call Flow or IVR is set up to route calls.

    • A more unlikely scenario is that this caller has been routed through the entire routing tree to reach the endpoint where the call was not answered, and then the same caller restarted the journey of being directed to the destined group again. In this case, the calls made by this repeat caller would indeed be considered separate instances and affect the statistics as such.

    • However, the more probable scenario is that either the Call Flow has been designed to continue attempting to connect the call to an available agent, or the Callback function is initiating when the call drops, creating the same result. In these cases, the call should register as one event in terms of the statistics. The redundancy created is usually a matter of the notification schema set up through Account->Integrations or the settings chosen in the Call Flow Designer.

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