CloudTalk SIP Login details and where to find them:

In order to connect a 3rd party SIP application, you will need to use SIP account login details, which are different from your dashboard / CT app login details. You can find the login details in your dashboard using the instructions below.

If you are an administrator level user, you can open the Agents tab to open the list of agent profiles, then click on the edit button next to their name (blue pencil) to open their profile settings. Next, scroll to the bottom to reveal the Username, Password and Server.

As an agent, you can open the My Profile tab and find your SIP login information there.

Important notice: If you do not see the SIP login information displayed in either section, this option has not been enabled for your account. An account administrator can request activation of SIP Login from our support team.

Linphone Desktop:

1. Open your Linphone app.

2. Open account assistant and click on the USE A SIP ACCOUNT button.

3. Fill out the required information as follows:

- Linphone Name = CT SIP Login Username
- Linphone SIP Domain = CT SIP Login Server
- Password section is named the same in both.
- Transport should be UDP by default. If it is not, click on the drop down menu and select it.

- Click on the USE button to save the configuration.

4. Click the Active account button (upper right corner), to open a drop down menu and select the CT account you saved previously.

5. Click on OK to connect to the account.

Linphone Mobile:

  1. Open your Linphone app.

  2. Go to Settings -> Account assistant and select I already have a SIP account.

  3. Fill in your CT SIP Login details - Username in the first field, password in the second, server in the last.

  4. Click on Apply.

And that's it!

The app should now be ready to use.

If you are encountering any issues, you can try the following:

  • Open Settings -> Network, scroll until you find Transport, and switch it to UDP, then scroll down a bit more until you find Enable push notifications, and uncheck it, then save changes.

Important notice: we always recommend using CloudTalk native apps, as 3rd party apps may not support certain features of CloudTalk - such as Voicemail Drop, SMS, etc. We are also unable to provide full customer and technical support for 3rd party applications.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support Team. We are always here to help you!

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