You can top up your account anytime by using your credit or debit card. Go to the "Account" section, choose "Billing" where you can see your current credit balance, card details, billing data and you can select Automatic adding credit or One-time adding credit.

How to set up automatic credit recharge

To activate automatic credit recharge, scroll down and you should see the below options. Switch the button to the right (so that it turns blue) and specify an amount. Your credit card will be charged automatically once your credit balance falls under the specified amount. Then click on SAVE AND TURN ON. By enabling this feature, you will make sure that you never find yourself in a situation when you can’t make calls due to insufficient credit.

How to make a one-time payment

If you want to make a one-time payment to top up your account, just select the desired amount and click on the green PAY NOW button. Your account will be topped up immediately.

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