To update your payment details or billing information, go to Account and select Billing.

How can I add or modify my credit/debit card information?

  • In the Cards section, please click on the Add Card button or, if you have already added one, click on edit button

  • Add your credit card information

  • To verify your credit card, you may be charged EUR 1 by the bank, which will be returned back to your account within 48 hours

  • Save the form to confirm changes

This credit card information will be used for billing. If your CloudTalk account does not let you add credit card details (e.g. if you receive invoices) or if you need assistance, please contact our customer support, we will be happy to help.

How can I add my billing details?

  • Please add your details in the Billing Info section

  • Go through the individual boxes that you want to update and enter your details

Note: Updated billing details will be used in all future invoices. Invoices that were issued prior to the change will not be modified.

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