Porting Requests and Process

How to submit a porting request and what to expect afterwards

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Review the porting process and make sure you have everything you need for a successful porting request to CloudTalk.

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You may find the following onboarding video helpful for understanding the porting process. You can also check out the rest of our dedicated YouTube channel for guides on all the other features of CloudTalk!

What is number porting?

Porting a phone number means that the number is fully transferred to a new operating network or carrier. To bring your existing number into CloudTalk, we'll need to port it. Once your number is ported to CloudTalk, it will no longer be active on the current provider, only on our network.

Not ready to fully move your number? We can create a verified outbound caller ID of your number for your outbound calls.

The Porting Process

Requirements for a Smooth Port

We recommend reading our recommendations for a smooth port before making your request. To port a phone number into CloudTalk, you need:

  • A number type within our coverage for the given country

  • An active CloudTalk account

  • An active account with your current provider

  • The ported phone number(s) ready and configured in CloudTalk before the port-in process has completed (setup becomes available 48 hours from when we receive the completed request from you)

Before the port date, we ask you to make sure your desired business hours, call flows, and agents are configured, so that the number is ready to be used as soon as it's moved over.

Steps and Requested Documents

To start a porting request for your existing phone numbers, send us an email to [email protected] with the subject "Port-in request" and provide us with the following:

  1. Number(s) that you wish to port in E. 164 international format (e.g., +442012345678)

  2. Name of your current service provider (SP) for the number(s) you want ported

    1. This will be the company where you have contract or active account.

  3. Name of the range holder or underlying carrier

    1. If you are coming from another VOIP platfrom, they will likely be using an underlying carrier

    2. This might be different from the service provider, but they will be able to tell you who the underlying carrier or operator is - if they cannot tell you this information, we can try to look it up on our own, but this information is not always visible on our side so its best to have the confirmation from the service provider

  4. Name of the person, company or organization the number is registered to with the underlying carrier

  5. Full service address of the person, company or organization the number is registered to with the underlying carrier

    1. this may be different than your billing address, so we recommend verifying this information with the current provider

  6. A copy of your last bill for the number(s) you want us to port

We recommend getting in touch with your current SP to make sure the number is portable on their side, and to verify all registration information related to the number. This helps avoid any unnecessary delays or rejections during the process.

How do I know my underlying carrier?

We must submit a porting request directly to the current underlying carrier of your number. When they process and accept the request, the number can be moved.

The underlying carrier is the actual operator of the number, while the commercial service provider (SP) is the company that you get your number from, and the one you see on your invoice. Sometimes these two are the same, but this is not always the case. Your commercial service provider will be able to tell you if they are the true carrier of the number or not.

  • If you're moving from another VoIP platform, there will likely be a different underlying carrier.

  • If you are moving from a large operator like Vodafone or Verizon, they'll likely be both the commercial SP and the carrier.

Processing Period

After making your porting request to us, our team will check if the number is portable form our side. If it is, we'll provide you with an LOA (Letter of Authorization) template to be filled out, and ask you for any other documents that may be required. Please take care when filling out the LOA to ensure all the information submitted is correct.

If your existing number cannot be ported, you can purchase a phone number from CloudTalk. We provide phone numbers from all over the world.

Once the LOA and all signed documents are received, the process is as follows:

  1. CloudTalk and our partnered "gaining" carrier will submit all documents to the current "losing" carrier.

  2. CloudTalk will add the number into your dashboard so you can start setting inbound call flows, business hours, agents, and call groups.

    1. Don't worry - the number won't be active until the port actually takes place.

  3. When the losing carrier accepts the port-out request, both carriers will schedule the date that the number will be moved to our network. Sometimes they will be able to tell us the exact time of day the port will be triggered, but not always.

  4. The number will be ported to CloudTalk's carrier on the agreed upon date, thereby become active in your app.

If you need assistance, contact our Porting Team anytime. We'll be happy to help!

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