CloudTalk allows you to use your existing phone numbers. However, you must first port them to CloudTalk. International phone numbers can be ported to CloudTalk, i.e. geographic, national or mobile numbers (see link with CloudTalk Portability table below). The CloudTalk Portability table below includes countries from which you can port your numbers, as well as the price and the time it takes to port. 

To port your existing phone number, you need to send us an email to [email protected] with the subject "Port-in request" and provide us with the following information and documents:

  1. The number(s) that you wish to port in their international format (e.g.+442012345678).

  2. The name of your current provider from whom you want us to port the number(s).

  3. The name of the range holder (might be different from the provider in point 2).

  4. The name of the person, company or organization to whom the number(s) is/are registered.

  5. Full address of the person, company or organization to whom the number(s) is/are registered.

  6. A copy of your last bill for the number(s) you want us to port.

  7. We will check whether the number can be ported and send you back the Letter of Authorization (LOA) to fill out, sign and send us back. After this we will be able to proceed your porting request.

* All rates in the above table are in EUR and per one phone number. Your request may contain unlimited number of phone numbers, however, all numbers included in the request must be from a single carrier. 

* Price of the port-in may vary based on the type of the phone number (i.e. special numbers, geographic, national, mobile, toll-free numbers). 

If you want to port more than 100 phone numbers or if you submit more than 10 requests, the price will be calculated on an individual basis.

Additional information to ensure a smooth and hassle-free port-in: 

  • To port a phone number, you need to have your CloudTalk service activated

  • During the port-in, you need to have an active account with your current provider

  • The ported phone number(s) must be set-up in CloudTalk before the port-in process is completed (the set-up will be available 48 hours from when we receive the complete request from you) 

If your existing number cannot be ported, you can purchase a phone number from CloudTalk. We provide phone numbers from more than 50 countries all over the world.

If you need assistance, contact our Support Team anytime, we will be happy to help!

Pro Tip: Always contact your current provider in advance and let them know that you are planning to port your phone number(s). Sometimes agents reject a port-in request before the process is completed, which can cause delays in the whole process or a temporary outage.

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