Real-time dashboard is an efficient tool for your support team management, providing managers with quick access to up-to-date information on the current status of your call center.

In a user-friendly and intuitive CloudTalk interface, all available metrics are displayed in a separate Real-time Dashboard tab.

These metrics help managers to make key decisions in real-time and increase call center efficiency and customer satisfaction.

You can access the Real-time dashboard through the CloudTalk Dashboard. Just click on Statistics > Realtime Dashboard.

Key metrics in real-time

With metrics available both for inbound and outbound calls and metrics displayed by individual call queues and agents, the dashboard will be extremely valuable to your call center managers.

By identifying key metrics, you can provide more effective customer support, modify your business hours and streamline automated call distribution.

The real-time dashboard shows you the following real-time data:

  • Number of callers waiting to be connected with a live agent

  • Average wait time

  • Maximum wait time

  • Average abandoned call rate

  • Active calls

  • Call queue statistics (each of the above-mentioned metrics displayed by call queue)

  • Agent status (agent’s name, call queue, current call duration, time of the last call, the total number of calls)

Respond in real-time

CloudTalk’s real-time dashboard feature allows you to track your KPI (key performance indicators) and improve inconsistent performance in a timely manner.

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