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How to use CloudTalk with Salesforce
How to use CloudTalk with Salesforce

With this powerful integration, you will get an overview of all customer interactions.

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In this article, we will show you how to use Salesforce together with CloudTalk to easily initiate calls and access customer information.

If you prefer video setup guides, here's an instructional video on Salesforce + CloudTalk - Integration Overview:

Calls Logged as an Activity in Salesforce

When logged into your Salesforce account, all numbers will be converted into a clickable format from which you can easily initiate calls.

Once CloudTalk has been integrated with Salesforce, CloudTalk phone features are preserved through the Salesforce interface. Calls can be initiated without having to leave the Salesforce platform. Depending on the settings chosen during configuration, different call types can be logged into Salesforce as activities and/or cases in order to give you all the desired caller information in one place.

During or after the time a call occurs, call tags can be added or removed as usual. Agents can also take notes while the call is in progress and evaluate the customer's mood or the call quality.

Call activities and cases are created as soon as the call starts. Clicking the blue-text name of the activity opens the activity detail, where you can view additional information such as the call date, duration, and the name of the agent who took the call. Moreover, you can listen to the call recording as long as the settings are configured to log call recordings.

Making and Receiving Calls in Salesforce

When receiving a call, the customer profile will automatically appear behind the ringing phone. Having easy access to information stored from notes, files, and previous calls will allow agents to provide higher quality and more accurate service.

When the customer wants to discuss the offer you sent them a while ago, you can easily find all the important information within their Salesforce profile.

To categorise your inbound calls and leads, add customized tags during or after the call.

Inbound and outbound calls will be logged according to settings configured for the integration. These logs are viewable via the customer profile, for example under the Activity tab for past activities.

Logged information includes:

  • the agent's name

  • call date

  • call duration

  • call recording

Missed Calls & Voicemails in Salesforce

Missed calls and voicemails may be accessible through the Cases section, or in the activity history, depending on the integration settings chosen for logging these instances. If voicemails have been assigned to a specific agent, the agent's name can be entered into the Search bar.

Monitoring Metrics

You can easily access your CloudTalk Dashboard in Salesforce via the Dashboards header to monitor and track important metrics, such as Average waiting time, Service Level and Call Distribution statistics.

You can also customize which statistics display by editing settings through the CloudTalk Dashboard. Learn more about CloudTalk statistics here.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support team. We are always here to help you!

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