By integrating Pipedrive with CloudTalk, you'll get call center capabilities in Pipedrive. Agents will have a comprehensive understanding of the customer from a single interface.

Important Note

In order to import people or organizations from Pipedrive into
CloudTalk, the user who initializes the integration must be a Pipedrive
admin user.

If you prefer video setups, here's an instruction video on setting up the CloudTalk & Pipedrive integration:

Configure your Pipedrive integration

  1. After ensuring you are a Pipedrive Admin, you can start by logging into your CloudTalk Dashboard.

  2. Click into Account -> Integrations from the left sidebar menu. Hover over the Pipedrive integration and click the green "+ Add" button to start the integration process.

  3. You will be redirected to Pipedrive to log into your account. Follow the authorization flow and you will be redirected back to CloudTalk, where you can Save any changes to integration settings and make sure the the integration is Active before exiting the page. Note—if the following warning shows, it means the user installing does not have Admin status within Pipedrive, which could cause problems for the integration.

    The screen should look like that in the picture below, with no yellow warning box:

  4. Once you have completed these quick steps, your integration is ready. Now you can customize your integration according to your business needs.

Integration Customization

Synching CloudTalk contacts with Pipedrive organizations:

  1. Custom fields must be set up in Pipedrive in order for the phone number and emails of integrated contacts to correctly map. Within Pipedrive, click your Profile Picture icon and navigate to Company Settings from the dropdown list. Under the Company header, select the tab labeled Data fields.

  2. From the Data fields page, select the header Organization.

  3. Click the green button to Add custom field, selecting Organization field.

    Within the box that pops up, choose your settings and name for a custom phone field, choosing Phone for Field type (required). Save.

  4. Set up an email field by clicking the green button to add another Organization field, and this time set the field type to Text. Save.

  5. Open your CloudTalk Dashboard in a new tab. From Account -> Integrations, click the green button within your Pipedrive Integration page to Proceed if you have not done so already.

  6. You may need to Save current integration settings to refresh all field options. Under General Settings, you will see Map contact phone number to and Map contact email to with dropdown box options. For each, you should see the name of the appropriate custom field you made in Pipedrive as an option in the dropdown.

  7. Remember to Save integration settings.

You can also click to learn more about custom fields in Pipedrive or read about the types of fields Pipedrive offers.

To finish your Pipedrive Integration Settings in CloudTalk:

  • Select which calls will be logged to Pipedrive (missed calls, link to voicemails, inbound/outbound calls). The calls will be logged as Pipedrive Activities. You can choose to log each type as A completed call activity, An in-progress call activity (logs as Overdue in Pipedrive), or Do not log as call activity.

  • Choose which specific CloudTalk numbers should get linked to your Pipedrive integration by clicking +Add under the Connected Numbers section.

    This feature is useful for Teams who have dedicated numbers for
    account/sales development executives — each team representative
    could add a respective CloudTalk integration and assign
    missed calls to the authorized user. All call activities will
    automatically be assigned to the user who set up the integration.

  • Choose whether you want to Log all calls or Log only calls made during business hours or when your lines are closed.

  • Decide how to tag your integrated Pipedrive contacts in CloudTalk.

Once the integration with Pipedrive is running, your data will always be up-to-date. All contacts added to CloudTalk after the integration will synch to Pipedrive automatically, and vice versa. Every phone call logged in Pipedrive will include the client’s phone number, the date/time and length of the call, a link to the call recording, and more (assuming calls of the given type have been configured to log to Pipedrive).

CloudTalk's Pipedrive integration is fully customizable, allowing you to set up Workflow automations to increase you call center's efficiency.

Make calls directly from Pipedrive

via CloudTalk Click-to-Call Extension

Make sure you have our Click-to-Call extension installed and set up properly.

Pro Tip: We recommend removing all other Chrome extensions and telco
providers which may interfere with the click-to-call feature.

You will also need to disable Pipedrive's default calling method, so that it is not conflicting with the extension.

How to do it:

  1. Go to your Pipedrive settings.

  2. Click on Calling in the left sidebar menu, then select Personal.

  3. For Default calling app, select Custom, setting the value to a pound sign (#) followed by the desired number pattern.

    1. Example: #555555555 .

  4. Click on the Save settings button to confirm changes.

Without Click-to-Call

There is a second option available for dialing a number from Pipedrive which doesn't rely on the click-to-call extension.

Pipedrive's Default calling method feature will start a call directly from the Chrome browser after clicking on a number in Pipedrive.

  1. Enforce this method by first navigating to your Pipedrive settings. Click Calling Under the Tools header in the left sidebar menu. When redirected to the Calling page, click into the Personal tab. Select Custom for the Default calling method insert the highlighted text in the value box (as shown in the picture below):


  2. Click the green Save button to confirm the changes.

Note: Due to Chrome's discontinuation of setting apps as default
handlers, this method will ask offer to open the CloudTalk Phone app
every time a number is clicked. Therefore, we recommend using the Click-
To-Call extension if possible.

Video Guide on how to reinstall Pipedrive integration

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support Team. We are always here to help you!

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