Realtime Report

The Realtime report within Analytics provides a comprehensive view of active and queued calls happening in real time.

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Learn how to navigate our Analytics Realtime report.

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Analysis in Real Time

The goal of the Realtime report is to provide an overview of agent and group activity as it occurs. Filter options are limited in this report type, since the report is designed to focus on data within the time scope of either:

  • Today

  • This hour

Users authorized to oversee multiple groups can also filter for the groups they want to see data for.

Stat Cards

Stat cards are not clickable within this report type. Statistics only apply for calls actively in progress or in queue within the limited time scope.

Card Name

What it is

Total calls

A tally of all incoming or outgoing calls within time range

Waiting queue

The number of inbound callers currently waiting to be answered

Answered calls (inbound)

A tally of inbound calls answered by an agent, which took place within the time range

Missed calls (inbound)

A tally of inbound calls that were missed for any reason within the time range

Outbound calls answered

A tally of outbound calls answered by the called contact or lead, which took place within the time range

Inbound calls

The sum of Answered calls (inbound) and Missed calls (inbound) for the given time range

Avg. waiting time

A time to represent the average time an inbound caller would have spent waiting in the queue to be answered or transferred

(Total Waiting time of all callers ÷ number of inbound callers within time range)

Max. waiting time

The maximum time an inbound caller spent waiting in the queue to be answered or transferred

Agents online

Number of agents currently with an Online status

Avg. and Max. waiting time cards include calls that were abandoned. The time shown does not include time spent in IVR.

The Agents online card counts any agent with an Online status. On Call statuses (for when the agent is actively in a call) and Idle statuses are NOT counted.

On Call vs. Online status for Agents online card

Agent Statuses Realtime

The Agent statuses realtime table is where you can see available agents and their statuses. For Idle type statuses, the Agent Name column will display the custom or default reason which the agent has provided for their Idle status.

Active Calls

Active Calls displays the call queue as it happens in real time. For both outbound and inbound calls, you can see:

  • Caller Name—This is the contact. This may be the caller (inbound calls) or callee (outbound).

  • Group Name—This shows the group when the call is answered or made via a group. Direct to agent calls will show as Direct.

  • Number—This is the contact or lead number.

  • Agent

  • Duration—This includes ringing time for outbound calls and waiting time for inbound calls, in addition to talk time.

  • Talk Time

Calls in Queue

Calls in Queue shows inbound calls currently waiting to be answered. As soon as a call is answered, it will move out of this table and into the Active Calls table.

You will be able to see the same call data as in the Active Calls table, with the exception that Time In Queue replaces the Talk Time column. Time in Queue tracks time from the moment the call is made until the moment it starts ringing. The value seen here changes to Ringing when the call has reached the front of a queue and is ringing on the group or agent.

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