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Salesforce Contact Lists in Campaigns
Salesforce Contact Lists in Campaigns

Source power dialer campaign contacts from your saved lists in Salesforce

Written by Shelby Glynn
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Learn how to link contacts or leads from your Salesforce campaign lists and saved list views to a CloudTalk campaign.

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Using a Salesforce List in Campaigns

Adding contacts to a campaign by contact tag is just one way to populate a campaign in CloudTalk. Another way you can add contacts or leads to a campaign is by linking a list from your campaigns or filtered lists in Salesforce.


To use this setup, you must have:

  • an Admin or Supervisor role in CloudTalk

  • One or more of the following list types in Salesforce:

    • a saved list view of contacts/leads (filtered list) that can be viewed by all users

    • an active Salesforce campaign list


This feature is made to be used when setting up a power dialer campaign on the dashboard.

  1. From Dialer > Campaigns, select +Add Campaign.

  2. In Basic Settings, there are two options for adding contacts to your campaign.

    1. For Contacts from your CRM, select CRM Contact List.

    2. Type or scroll to search and select the desired list by name.

    3. The list names you can choose from will be from campaigns or saved list views in Salesforce (see next sections).

  3. Select Create Campaign and Confirm to finalize changes.

    1. Contacts from the selected list(s) in Salesforce will automatically be added as campaign contacts.

This feature is not accessible from our legacy dashboard.

Campaign List Type

This option is available for Sales console Salesforce users.

To select a Salesforce campaign list from within your CloudTalk campaign, you must have at least one active Salesforce campaign within your integrated Salesforce account. You can reference Salesforce’s Campaign Call List Records for more on this topic.

Saved List View (Filtered List) Type

This option is available for Sales console, Service console and other Salesforce users. Saved lists in Salesforce are created by applying filters to a list of leads and/or contacts.

You can create and save lists within your chosen Salesforce console:

  1. Within an existing list, such as Contacts, select the filter icon to apply more filters to the list.

  2. When adding a filter, a {Field, Operator, Value} construction is used. For example, filtering to include only contacts/leads that were imported with the lead source of “Purchased List” would have:

    1. Field: Lead Source

    2. Operator: Equals

    3. Value: Purchased List

  3. After selecting a Field, Operator, and Value for a filter, select Done to apply it.

  4. Once all filters have been applied, select Save, or select the dropdown arrow and Save as a new list view.

  5. In the Save New List View dialog box, there is a setting for Who sees this list view? It is highly recommended to choose the All users can see this list view option to avoid access issues within CloudTalk.

    1. You can also edit the List Name and List API Name here.

    2. Save when done.

CloudTalk will not show Salesforce lists that are set to Only I can see the list view.

If you choose the Share list view with groups of users access option, CloudTalk must have access to the users within those groups in order for the lists to be visible. This is why the All users option is recommended for a smooth integration experience.

Import Logic

Data Synch

The synchronization of Salesforce contacts and leads into CloudTalk campaigns is currently one-way, from Salesforce to CloudTalk. This synch is updated on a daily basis.

Post-call work like summaries and call tags will be exported as normal. Call dispositions and survey answers will be exported after a call has ended.

Within Salesforce:

  • The CloudTalk Campaign name is added to a custom campaign field.

  • The call disposition is added to a custom call disposition field.

  • Survey questions and their answers are added into the Comments field.

Multiples of the Same Contact / Lead

You may notice a difference in the number of leads or contacts added to your CloudTalk campaign as compared to the combined number of contacts or leads from the Salesforce lists you selected. This happens as a result of duplicates within a campaign.

Sometimes, the same contact exists in multiple Salesforce lists that you selected. When we recognize these duplicate contacts within the same campaign, we merge them into one.

A contact can only be assigned one time within a given campaign, but different campaigns can have the same contact in their calling lists.

If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support team, we are always happy to help!

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