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Set up your CloudTalk + Salesforce integration to work with the Salesforce Engagement platform

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Learn the extra setup steps required for using the CloudTalk CTI within Salesforce Engagement cadences, and see how your CloudTalk Phone works with cadence branching in Salesforce (SF).

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Salesforce Engagement Integration

Our integration with Salesforce Engagement features is an extension of our Salesforce integration. Salesforce users with access to SF Engagement can now use their CloudTalk CTI to get the full benefits offered by Engagement features, such as cadence branching based on call disposition.


  • Custom CloudTalk plan

  • Salesforce Unlimited, Performance, or other plan with added licenses to Sales Engagement features

  • Configured CloudTalk + Salesforce integration within both CloudTalk and Salesforce Setup platforms

Salesforce Setup

If you are new to using the Salesforce Engagements dashboard, you'll want to follow Salesforce guidelines to make sure you have assigned the necessary permission sets for all intended users of Sales Engagement features. This can be done within Salesforce Setup.

Turn on Engagement Features

To ensure you can access all features in the Salesforce Engagement dashboard, these must be enabled within Salesforce Setup. To save time, Salesforce recommends enabling all features to start, and individually disabling those that aren't needed:

  1. Within Setup, start typing sales engagement in the search.

  2. Select Sales Engagement Settings.

  3. Navigate to the Automate tab and toggle on Turn on Sales Engagement.

    1. Refer to the Salesforce guide on Engagement settings for more information about what each setting does.

Turn on Disposition Branching

  1. From Sales Engagement Settings, navigate to the Call tab.

  2. Toggle on Define Custom Call Results to enable cadence branching.

Currently, it is not important what Call Result Values you enter here, as we do not yet offer results mapping into CloudTalk for this feature.

Add CloudTalk Utility to Engagements

As with other Salesforce applications, CloudTalk's CTI softphone must be added as a utility to Salesforce Engagements.

  1. Within Salesforce Setup, start typing app manager into the search.

  2. Select App Manager.

  3. From the list of applications, find the Sales Engagement app.

  4. Select the arrow > Edit.

  5. Go to Utility Items in the app settings.

  6. Select Add Utility Item and choose Open CTI Softphone.

  7. These softphone settings will apply to your CloudTalk phone in the Sales Engagement app. You can rename the Label field to CloudTalk.


Cadences are one of the key features of Sales Engagement. These branching workflows can be assigned to your sales representatives for targeting prospects who meet particular criteria.

When you have integrated your CloudTalk and Salesforce accounts and configured the additional requirements outlined above, your agents will be able to use cadence branching by call disposition using their CloudTalk phone in Salesforce.

Design a Cadence

You can design private cadences with branching call steps for your team. Once a cadence is active, you can add prospects to it.

  1. From the Sales Engagement dashboard, select the new tab arrow ˇ and navigate to Cadences.

  2. Select New Cadence > Launch Builder.

  3. Set up and Save your cadence details.

  4. Select the plus + icon to add a new cadence step.

    1. For a call step, select Action > Call. Configure step details and Save.

    2. To branch based on call disposition, add a cadence step right after your call step. Select Rule > Call Result. Select a call result and Save.

    3. A Yes branch and a No branch will be created from your disposition step.

      1. Create a new step within the Yes branch to make something happen if the agent chooses the selected call disposition.

      2. Create a new step within the No branch to make something happen if the agent chooses any other disposition except for the selected one.

  5. Build as many branches as desired before End points are reached.

    1. You can also select an End point to exit the current cadence to a linked cadence.

  6. When your cadence is ready, select Activate.

Agent View

Agents who have been assigned to an engagement will see associated cadences within their work queue and tasks. They can initiate their next upcoming call right from the work queue by selecting the phone icon next to the call info.

When the call is started, the page will load the Contact card so your agent can view case details.

Agents will be required to choose a call disposition at the conclusion of a call in order for disposition branching to work as intended. This will be done from the familiar interface of their CloudTalk Phone After-Call Work screen.

Once the agent selects Done and the call is finished, the cadence step will be resolved and removed from the work queue.

Engagement Data

Reference the detail page of a cadence to see the number of runs and other success metrics of that cadence. Cadence Engagement Rates can be found within the Engagement tab.

The numbers reflected in Engagement reports may take a few minutes to update after each call.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support team. We are always here to help you!

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