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Create new users and groups with ease using our "load existing" function

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Here's how to copy the configuration for existing users and groups as a shortcut for creating new ones.

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The Load Existing Function

For a quick and painless way to add new groups or individual users to your CloudTalk account, you can load existing configuration settings based off another user or group you have already added. In the case of adding new users, this function can be combined with our bulk upload feature to streamline the process of adding in multiple users at once.

Copy Settings for User

These steps can be used to create any of our user roles: admin, supervisors, agents, or analysts. You'll just want to make sure the user you copy settings from is the same role as the user you want to add.


  1. From the dashboard, navigate to Users.

  2. Select + Add user.

    1. Optional: Use Bulk user upload to add a batch of users of the same type.

  3. Fill in the Basic settings section with the basic information of your user.

  4. Select Load existing in the top right.

  5. Start typing a name and select a user you want to copy settings from.

  6. After you select a user, the Advanced settings tab will open with the copied setup, where you can make any necessary adjustments.

  7. Add or create any necessary User skills. If relevant, check the SIP login details. (You can toggle the automatic outbound number on or off.)

  8. Save user to finalize changes to your new user.

Copy Settings for Group

  1. From the dashboard, navigate to Groups.

  2. Select + Add group.

  3. Fill in the Basic settings and assign users to your group. (You can also choose to assign tags for VIP contacts.)

  4. Select Load existing in the top right. Type and choose an existing group to base advanced settings off of.

  5. Navigate to the Advanced Settings section to check what has copied and make any necessary adjustments.

  6. Create group to finalize settings for your new group. It will now be ready to use in call flows.

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