Bulk Upload Users

A faster way to add multiple admin, agent, supervisor, or analyst users to your company account

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Use the bulk upload feature when you want to create multiple new users at once using the same settings, without needing an integration.

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  • Admin

Bulk User Upload

The bulk upload feature saves time when uploading batches of users with the same settings configuration. This means you can upload a batch of agents and choose the settings that will apply to that whole batch of agents, rather than setting up each agent profile one by one.

Admin, supervisors, and analysts can also be added in batches, as long as each batch contains only users of the same user type.


Check that you have enough seats for the amount of users you want to upload. If attempt to create users from a file that exceeds your seat availability, you will be prompted to go to our legacy dashboard and add more before you can upload your file successfully.

  1. From the dashboard, navigate to Users.

  2. Select Bulk user upload.

  3. Recommended: Select Download template to format your Google Sheet, MS sheet or CSV file. When the file is ready, select Continue here.

    1. Required values: firstname, lastname, email, (E.164) country prefix

    2. Column titles must be in lowercase and follow the template.

  4. Drag or locate your formatted file of users to add. Upload files.

  5. Choose the desired Advanced settings and User skills for this batch of users.

    1. Optional (time saver): Select Load existing to autofill the Advanced settings of an existing user, which you can then edit.

    2. Configure restrictions and required actions specific to these users, or Use company settings (default).

    3. Assign your agents, admin, or supervisors to groups, or designate certain Outbound call numbers if you want to restrict this batch of users to only calling and texting from the numbers chosen.

    4. Switch into the User skills tab to add new skills or assign existing ones for this batch of users. Choose an appropriate Skill level for each skill you add.

  6. When you're done adjusting settings, select Create users. Confirm.

  7. If your account doesn't have enough seats for the amount of users being uploaded, you will need to redirect to our legacy dashboard to add more.

After a successful upload, the number of added users will be confirmed. You will be notified of any users which failed to be created, along with an error code to help address the issue.

Have more questions? Contact our Support team. We're always happy to help!

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