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Headset Status

Learn how to use the headset icon to check the status of your audio connection while using the app.

Written by Shelby Glynn
Updated over a week ago

The headset icon for CloudTalk Phone allows agents to see available audio devices and connection status. It also offers a fallback for failed connections.

User Level:

  • Agent

Connected Devices

How do I know if my headset is connected?

Agents can check that audio channels are properly connected from the dialpad or call-in-progress screens of our desktop and web phones. In the top right corner, your headset icon will appear with either:

  • A green checkmark✅, indicating connected audio

  • A red slash and exclamation point❗, indicating the audio device is not connected

When you scroll over the headset icon, a tooltip appears with the connection status and the name of the connected device, or if disconnected, the most recently connected device:

  • Connected to
    Mic: Default - MacBook Air Microphone (Built-in)
    Speaker: Default - MacBook Air Speakers (Built-in)

  • Devices are not connected

Where can I see available audio connections?

  1. Select the headset icon. A list will pop up with available devices.

  2. A green checkmark next to the device name means you are connected to this device. A red exclamation point means you are currently disconnected, and this was the last connected device.

Change Audio Device

If your audio source goes down or disconnects for whatever reason, the system will automatically detect this and switch to the next available default source.

You can choose to manually change your connected device to troubleshoot sound problems. Following the above steps, select the device name in the dropdown list you would like to switch to.

You can also change your connected devices by selecting your profile icon to find Settings > Calling. Your Sound settings are listed under your default prefix.

Note: The headset status feature is not available for mobile.

How does it work?

Example Scenario 1:

  1. You open the CloudTalk app, start a call, and suddenly lose connection to Airpods Pro.

  2. Our system automatically detects the lost connection and switches your audio to the next available source.

  3. If you don't like the default source and want to connect to a different one, you can click on the headset icon and choose the audio device you prefer from the bottom list without needing to end the call.

Example Scenario 2:

  1. You log into our desktop Phone app and see a red exclamation mark next to the headset icon.

  2. Hovering over the icon, you see that no microphone or speakers are detected. You check your browser's microphone permissions and see they are disabled.

  3. After enabling these permissions, you see the headset icon has automatically detected available sources and switched to a green checkmark.

Are you a Mac user? Make sure not to close your laptop during calling—this has been known to disconnect the built-in microphone on some Mac devices.

Have more questions? Reach out to our Support team. We're always happy to help!

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