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Custom Idle Status for Desktop
Custom Idle Status for Desktop

Learn how to customize your Idle status using our desktop app and what this will look like in the data.

Written by Shelby Glynn
Updated over a week ago

Agents can add a customized status name to their "Idle" status, helping managers and supervisors more accurately track productivity.

Idle Status Type and Status Name

There are three status types an agent can choose from to define their working status:

  • Online

  • Offline

  • Idle

While Online and Offline are pretty straightforward, the Idle status can cover a wide variety of cases where an agent is not actively taking calls, but not "offline" in the sense that they are not working.

Since the Idle status covers so many different situations, we have introduced the option for agents to select or customize a description for their idle status change. In our data, we refer to this descriptor as the status name.

Where can I see Status name in my Analytics?

In real time agent reports, admin and supervisors can select one or more groups to see a table with agent status information. There are separate columns for the Status type and Status name. Only the type idle may have a Status name which differs from the Status type, since status types of online and offline do not provide the option for agents to add additional context.

This means that giving agents the option to write-in their own status name will not complicate your data. The status type of idle does not change. Status name serves only to provide additional context for why an agent has set this status type.

Example: Status Type vs. Status Name

Say there are five agents in a group. Three agents have set their status to idle. Of these three "idle" agents, one did not add or choose a description for her idle status, the second was completing mandatory training, and the third was taking part in a monthly meeting. Your data columns might look something like this:

Agent name

Status type

Status name

Christie A.



Susie B.






Angelo C.






  • Busy is the default Status name when a description is not chosen or entered for an idle Status type.

How do I add an explanation for my Idle status?

To access this feature, we must use the CloudTalk Phone desktop app.

  1. After logging into the desktop app, tap the profile icon.

  2. In the upper right corner is your status. You can manually change this status by tapping it. Select Set yourself as Idle.

  3. A prompt appears, where you can type in your own short description or select one of the predefined reasons:

    • Busy

    • Break

    • Lunch

    • Meeting

    • Training

  4. Click Save after choosing or entering a description. If you don't want to add a description, your idle status will default to Busy. Remember to manually change your status when it no longer applies!

Your status is always visible from your profile page. Be aware that what you set as your idle status will remain until you manually change it. Logging out and back in will change your status to Online.

Keep custom descriptions short. The limit is 30 characters - this includes spaces. You'll know you ran out of characters if you see the green numbers on the side of the text box change to a red 0/30.

  • Pro tip: Save time by choosing from recent descriptions - we save a list of the four you last made on the interface you're currently logged in through.


  • How long does my Idle status description stay like that? Is there a time limit?

    • You must manually change back your Idle status when it no longer applies. It will not "expire" by itself unless you log out and back in (status changes to Online).

  • Why are my four most recent custom descriptions not what I remember, or missing?

    • Your recents save based on where you made them. The recent names list you see when going through Hubspot will look different than what you see logging in directly through the desktop app.

  • Can I copy/paste emojis into my custom status description?

    • Yes!

  • Why can't I find the status change option on my CloudTalk Go mobile app?

    • This feature is currently only accessible via our desktop app.

Have more questions? Contact our Support team. We're always happy to help!

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