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How to request a number for our Inbound WhatsApp Integration
How to request a number for our Inbound WhatsApp Integration

Instructions on the registration process for requesting a WhatsApp-enabled number.

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This article is intended as a guide for our WhatsApp Inbound Integration within the CloudTalk phone app and does not apply to using your CloudTalk numbers externally in the WhatsApp app . If you're looking for an overview of how our WhatsApp Inbound Integration functionality works once set up, please refer to the general guide here

If you would like to request a number enabled for CloudTalk's inbound WhatsApp feature, we will need to register you as a user with our underlying carrier and WhatsApp/Meta.

We can either provide you with a new WhatsApp dedicated number, or configure one of your standard voice and SMS numbers to be used as a WhatsApp Sender.

To register a WhatsApp number, please contact our team at [email protected] with the following information:


This is a 2-step process -

  • If you don't already have a Meta Business Manager account, you must create one at

    • If you already have a Meta Business Manager account, follow these steps to find the ID:

      1. Access the Business Settings page on Facebook Business Manager.

      2. Click Business Info.

      3. Your ID will be listed under "Business Information."

  • If you would like to use more than two sender IDs, you will first need to complete the full Meta Business Verification.

Registration Process

  1. WhatsApp Business Access verification - Before we can create WhatsApp senders (the individual numbers), we will need to register your business as a WhatsApp Integration user via your Meta Business Manager ID. We will need to request access between Meta and CloudTalk specifically for you as our direct end user. This stage can take an estimated 3-4 weeks depending on processing time with our SMS partner and Meta

  2. After you are a registered user, new individual Sender IDs will take approximately 5-7 days to be approved and activated by WhatsApp/Meta.

    1. This will be the same for subsequent Sender IDs orders after the initial Business Access verification is complete

    2. You cannot use a number on both the external WhatsApp app and CloudTalk WhatsApp integration concurrently.

Required information

  1. Desired Business Display Name - must meet Meta's Display Name Guidelines

  2. Business Manager ID

  3. Company Legal name

  4. HQ Country

  5. Company Representative Name

  6. Company Address

  7. Company Email

  8. Company Phone Contact

  9. Website

  10. Optional Additional Website

  11. Primary Use Case

  12. Which regions you will be sending messages

  13. Estimated Messages per month

  14. Vertical / Industry of the business - Please check the WA commerce policies here to be sure they will support your Industry and use case

    • Automotive

    • Beauty, Spa and Salon

    • Clothing and Apparel

    • Education

    • Entertainment

    • Event Planning and Service

    • Finance and Banking

    • Food and Grocery

    • Public Service

    • Hotel and Lodging

    • Medical and Health

    • Non-profit

    • Professional Services

    • Shopping and Retail

    • Travel and Transportation

    • Restaurant

    • Other

    • The business vertical cannot be set back to an empty value after it is created.

  15. Link to Logo - JPG or PNG, 640x640 pixels or larger, square ratio

  16. Profile About Text - if nothing is submitting it will show the default "Hey there! I am using WhatsApp."

Sender display name guidelines

  1. Clear relationship with your business / Should include your business name.

  2. Consistency with external branding, including spelling.

  3. Compliant with WhatsApp Commerce and Business Policy.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support team. We are always here to help you!

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