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Configure Sounds and Greetings
Configure Sounds and Greetings

Learn how to use sounds and greetings in CloudTalk

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Sounds, based on specific situations (outside of business hours, on-hold, call flow, etc.), are very important, considering that an initial greeting is the first interaction with your customers.

Important notice: The possibility to add customized sounds is only available in the Essential or Expert package. Adding personalized sounds and greetings is not included in the Starter plan.

Users with Starter plan can choose from default sounds, uploaded by CloudTalk. At the moment, we offer sounds for different situations in 3 languages - English, Slovak, and Czech.

Our customers have the option to choose from recordings for Business hours, Busy agents, Waiting, Recording, and Voicemail.

General information about Sounds & where to find them

Sounds can be uploaded, played, edited, downloaded & deleted in the Dashboard > Account > Sounds.

Please note that:

  • sounds added by CloudTalk are not downloadable

  • sounds that are in use cannot be deleted

  • only mp3 files are supported

  • maximum of 8 MB is supported

When uploading personalized sounds and greetings, you can enter an internal name of your liking which helps you keep all your sounds organized.

Where to Configure Sounds

  1. Groups: In the Groups section, you can choose recordings for waiting message and periodic announcement.

  • Waiting message - this is what your callers hear when they're waiting on the line. You can select either default music (by CT), default ringing or a sound of your own choosing.

  • Periodic announcement - this is what your callers hear at regular intervals while waiting on the line. For example, “Thank you for holding, your call is important to us" message is played approx. each 40-60 seconds.

Important notice: If default ringing is selected as a waiting message, the periodic announcement feature will not work.

2. Numbers/Call Flow: Different sounds and greetings can be selected in the call flow when using Playback and IVR actions.

  • Playback - using the Playback action allows you to choose a recording which will be automatically played to your customers when calling.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) - customized IVR menu messages provide the caller with relevant information, such as which number to press for Customer Support, Sales, Human Resources, etc.

3. Business hours: You can set up the Sound which will be played to callers outside of business hours. Business hours can be found in Account > Settings > Business hours or Numbers > (edit) > Call number settings > Configure business hours.

For more information, visit Customized greetings for your PBX solution.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support team. We are always here to help you!

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