In situation when you experience issue with call such as bad quality of call or missing logs in integration, it is important to provide correct information to CloudTalk support team in order to resolve any possible issue as soon as possible.

Every call made with CloudTalk has its specific Call-ID number. This number is visible for all agents which are able to see particular call therefore it becomes the most handy information to provide when communicating with our support team.

Thanks to Call-ID we are able to easily search in our database and see all details related to call such as quality check, network connection, integration logs, etc.

In such a case when experiencing any issues, Call-ID should to be reported to CloudTalk support team via our live chat (which can be reached from your dashboard) or email ([email protected]). Call-ID should not be older than 3 days since we are unable to access information older than this limit. Depending on the issue, we may need 3 or more examples.

Where to find Call-ID?

You can find the Call-ID in your call history (Statistics > Call history), by clicking on the “More” button (labeled by three dots), on the right-hand side next to every interaction.

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