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How to configure your Voicemail
How to configure your Voicemail

CloudTalk's Voicemail feature will help you catch missed calls, including those received outside of your set business hours.

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CloudTalk’s Voicemail feature for your virtual phone system will ensure that no inbound calls remain unanswered, even outside of your business hours or when all agents are busy. Inbound calls will be routed to voicemail, allowing your callers to leave a message at times when your virtual phone system is not available.

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Setting up your Voicemail for outside of Business Hours

To do so, go to Account - Settings - Business Hours section. Turn on Business hours (Holidays too, if it's needed).

Then select the action that you wish to be performed when the customer calls outside of business hours: Voicemail, Play sound or Play sound and Voicemail. You can also decide if you want to provide the caller with information before allowing them to leave a message.

Then, in the section Voice mailbox, choose a ring group or a specific agent to whom the voicemail will be assigned. When a new voicemail comes in, the selected team or agent will receive a notification. If you select a combination of playing a message and voicemail, you can select one of the messages included in Welcome Messages.

Set up Voicemail for missed calls

To do this, go to the Account - Settings and scroll to the Voicemail section. Turn on this feature for your CloudTalk account.

Here, you can also select a voicemail greeting message in voice mailbox, select a team or a specific agent to whom the voicemail will be assigned. Notifications of new voicemails will be sent individually after each call.

Voicemail recordings

You can listen to the voicemail through the email notification that you receive in your mailbox or in the CloudTalk account interface.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support team. We are always happy to help!

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