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Configure Voicemail Settings
Configure Voicemail Settings

CloudTalk's voicemail feature will help you catch missed calls, including those received outside of your set business hours.

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Set up your company voicemail and choose how you want to be notified about messages.

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Set up Voicemail

You can add a voicemail step to a call flow for any of your inbound numbers. While each number will need its own voicemail configuration, there are some default conditions you can apply in Account > Settings to make the setup process easier.

For an Inbound Number

Navigate to the Numbers tab within your dashboard account. From the numbers list:

  1. Select the edit icon for your chosen number.

  2. Select Configure call flow.

  3. Select a + icon to add a new step:

    1. Select Voicemail.

    2. Optional: Add an internal Name for this voicemail step.

    3. Select a mailbox under Name of the Voicemail.

    4. Choose settings specific to this number for user notification and recordings. Or, select Use company settings to apply your default settings here.

    5. Confirm.

  4. Save flow.

For Out of Office & Holidays

Our business hours feature allows you to set what should happen when clients call your number outside of working hours.

To set up a voicemail action for out of office hours:

  1. Navigate to Account > Settings > Business Hours in your dashboard.

  2. Confirm Business hours are switched on.

    1. This setting requires at least one time and date rule that sets your availability.

  3. For the Type setting, select Voicemail or Play sound and Voicemail.

    1. Select the user to receive incoming voice messages.

    2. If a sound is required, select a customer greeting.

  4. Save changes.

Voicemail Notifications

When configuring voicemail within an inbound call flow, notification preferences can be set specifically for that number. These settings would then override the company settings for the number.

Alternatively, you can choose to use the company notification settings. From the dashboard, you can set company settings for voicemail notification within Account > Settings > General.

Notification Settings

  • Email notifications for each voicemail sends an email notification per voicemail to the user selected in the voicemail step of your inbound number's call flow.

  • Recording of voicemail as email attachment attaches the voicemail recording to each notification email that is sent.

Voicemail Recordings

Click the link in the email notification to access the attached voicemail recording. These recordings are also accessible in your dashboard, under Call History.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support team. We are always happy to help!

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