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Add or Edit Contact - CloudTalk Go
Add or Edit Contact - CloudTalk Go

Assign unsaved numbers to existing contacts or add new prospects to your Contacts list with our mobile app

Written by Shelby Glynn
Updated over a week ago

Mobile app users can now edit or assign numbers to existing contacts, as well as add new ones.

Add/Edit Contact from a Number in Call History

From Call History, tap and hold the number you want to add or assign to an existing contact. This will bring up a Call Detail menu, where you will see the following options for the number:

  • Create new contact

  • Assign to existing contact

  • Call back

  • Send message

  • Detail

Call Detail options to Create new contact or Assign number to existing contact

For new contacts, select Create new contact. This pulls up the Add contact screen, where you can add additional information. Your selected phone number autofills as the primary number under Numbers.

Selected number autofills on the Add contact screen

Select Assign to existing contact to add the number to a contact already in your list. You will then be able to choose which contact to assign the number to.

Contacts list pulls up so you can choose a contact for the number

Add/Edit Contact from your Contacts List

View contacts list with add button in bottom right corner

Navigate to your Contacts list to add or edit a contact directly. To create a new contact, tap the blue + icon in the bottom corner. Add the necessary contact details.

Required fields must be filled, or you will not be able to save your contact!

Required fields:

  • Full name

  • Phone number (adding more than one is optional)

Optional fields:

  • Title

  • Email (may add more than one)

  • Tag (choose from saved Tags or create new)

  • Area and street

  • City

  • Zip code

  • Country

  • Company name

  • Industry

  • Web

  • Favorite agent


  • Can I sync my phone contacts into my CloudTalk Go contact list?

    • Unfortunately, no. We currently don't support this.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support team. We are always happy to help!

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